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    Chook 93.1 km/h By Chook

    Record Info

    • Speed: 93.1 km/h | 57.85 mph
    • Pilot: Danny Henderson (Australia)

    • Kite: Ozone R1 7.0M
    • Buggy: Sysmic S2 on Midi XL
    • Location: Yeppoon, Australia
    • Wind: 20 - 25 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    This was part of my stay over Easter this year (2016) in Yeppoon Queensland.

    I live in Esperance on the SE coast of Western Australia and head over each Easter to buggy on Farnborough Beach.

    Using my Sysmic S2 on Midi XL's, I made my top speed 93.1 kmh (with 8 runs over 90kmh) fairly early on in the day (Nice 19-23knot SE winds) and made my best "non stop distance" at the same time.

    Without stopping I covered 362.9 kilometres as you can see in my log the same day.


    My total distance that I covered in the buggy while in Yeppoon this year was 3,385kms in 24 days. 

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    User Feedback

    2 hours ago, igeighty said:

    you also probably have the most kilometres covered in a buggy too chook.

    I need to cover a further 27.3 kilometers before the 25th September Doug and that will be 10,000kms covered using a combination of both my land yacht and buggy in 12 months. 

    I haven't added up all my logs to see the total in a buggy since 2010.

    I've covered 6,572 Kms in my Sysmic S2 (that stays there) in Yeppoon, just over the last 5 Easters while holidaying there mate.:derisive:

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