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    socommk233 99.13 km/h By socommk233

    Record Info

    • Speed: 99.13 km/h | 61.60 mph
    • Pilot: Russell Winters (England)

    • Kite: Pansh First 3.0M
    • Buggy: GT-Race Rapide on Bigfoots
    • Location: Hoylake, England
    • Wind: 25 - 30 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    Twas a tad windy and most people were out to get a good speed run. With only a quiver of Pansh fb kites I chose the 3m first. It had 2 replaced bridles and a hole in the sail courtesy of a friends neck. I was having so much fun i didnt stop making runs, just watching my speed increase with each gust. I wasn't the fastest that day but 61.6mph on a partially broken Pansh kite I was grinning from ear to ear.


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