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  • Super comfy, well built, stable and fast buggy. 

    • Super comfy
    • Stable
    • Sure footed
    Negatives / Considerations
    • A little heavy
    • Seat could be a little narrower
    • Needs tools if you want to take it apart

    I've had my Vmax since 2009 and have currently done just over 8000km in it.  The only thing that has broken in all that time, are the two plastic tri-glide buckles that hold the excess seat straps in place.  This thing was just built right from the word go.  It's very stable, it's very comfy.  You can modify it with all sorts of extras if you want.  I've added a bigfoot fork, alloy wheels, made a back rest for it (possibly the only thing missing from stock), a swan neck downtube and some axle extenders.   Center of pull was pretty good from stock for my size with the buggy just breaking out at the back end first.  I've added 4" extensions so all three wheels will basically slide together with midi's on and flying the Nasa Stars.    The picture below has the Libre 8" extensions on the back end of the side rails but this makes it want to break traction on the front end first so they're a bit too long for me - I swapped to some home made 4" extensions and it's just about perfect now.


    All bolts are SS and none have seized on me.  The downtube/swan neck can be easily adjusted by loosening the four bolts attached to the side rails and sliding the downtube fore/aft.   The seat is very generous - it doesn't 'hug' you quite the way some other buggys do.  You couldn't jump this without being strapped in.  It's also a little heavy for that being around 25kg in stock form.  Mine is quite a bit heavier now with alloy rims and midi tyres.

    Speaking of stock... note the excellent foot pegs with the padding up the side.  The webbing heel strap is my addition.


    I was all set to buy a Peter Lynn as my first buggy....but made the mistake of having a ride in one of these.  It was so much more comfy and sure footed that there was no way I could go for the smaller PL bug.  Obviously, if you need a buggy that's quick to take apart and put in the back of a small car, then the Vmax will be at a disadvantage then.  But if cruising or speed is your thing, then this deserves your consideration.


    I have had so many great trips with this buggy that I really regard it as THE best thing I have ever bought.

    You can see that with the stock straight downtube and bigfoot tyres, there is plenty of ground clearance.


    It's a bit lower with the swan neck downtube....


    The only thing I would change is make the seat three inches narrower to really fit me.  Although with a hotwire system, that sort of becomes irrelevant.   Oh, and despite being super comfy, I think it's better with a back rest, something you'll have to knock up yourself as I don't think Libre make one for it.

    Highly recommended. :round-thumbs-up:



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    Are those tyres in the last photo Beach Racers or MidiXL's ?

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    I have ridden in this buggy, and indeed it is the most comfy I have ever ridden in, possibly the back rest is the key ingredient for that recipe, as discussed it is a little roomy, but hey who doesn't put on a few kilos as they age....... So it's got years of use left in it :-) 

    Nice review

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    Are those tyres in the last photo Beach Racers or MidiXL's ?

    Kenda Beach Racers.  They start getting a little wobbly over 50kph but seem to come good again towards 60.  Not the roundest tyre I've ever seen.....but great in my bumpy paddocks.

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    Pierre Gosselin

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    I owned a race full free v max for 8 years, I loved this buggy. you can make several adjustments, solid well built, comfortable, more configuration, a good buy. But I must say that I love my Sysmic S2.

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