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  • socommk233 Pansh Aurora2 15M Review

    Great Kite. Progress Being Made By A Company Willing To Provide For The Budget Concious. 

    Best One Yet
    Build Quality
    Negatives / Considerations
    Still some work to do. But we'll worth it

    The Aurora 1 was a little hit and miss for pretty much all that tried one. With work they would fly. But that's not what a customer expects to do no matter how cheap they are. 

    Pansh had then made the A15 and then gave the Aurora another go. 

    Now I was given a prototype Aurora 2 15m to work on with Pansh. Fly it. Tweek it and send videos and feedback. 

    I done this. And they responded with a v2 bridle set for the aurora 2. 

    Yay I though. They are finally listening. 

    Or were they?

    I flew it on the v1 bridle and found it worked great. It would launch. It would turn. It wod let you jump. And depower safely. However it seemed a bit sluggish. 

    So I made some adjustments using the metal line end pieces they use. Each can shorten a line about 50mm approx and using these made it fast and temporary but safe to keep in the lines. 

    I shortened the b line by 51mm and the brake lines by 102mm and tried again. 

    The kite would launch and inflate faster. It would sit depowered but with a "ready for action" kind of stance rather than a previously floppy slow responce before. Brake line shortening made it turn all the better too. 

    I flew it at the nobarriers event along side another that was on v2 bridles. V2 bridles would also fly but it looked awkward to launch. So when I had the chance I swapped mine over.

    I compared the bridles to see they had indeed shortened the lines I had, but not by the same measurements. And maybe some other lines too. 

    On launch the tips would rise and fold over to the centre. A more positive power on launch was needed as was a lot of pressure inflation. Then as it flew it seemed even less responsive and more prone to collapsing in on itself in low winds. I very quickly put my modified v1 bridles back on. 

    This gas made me wonder if Pansh are at all flying these kites themselves to see how they fly in the real world. Or relying on numbers given out by their design software. 

    Anyway. Don't let this put you off. With very simple tweeks this kite is now a favourite of mine. It's great low wind machine.  Upwind is very nice as is downwind. It turns fast enough but I'm finding it hard to keep off the ground in a rushed turn on 15m lines. 20m lines will be best. 

    The lift and float is predictable and addictive. It's the only kite that I enjoy jumping with. Set up with the bar trim so it doesn't back stall in the wind speed and your good to go. 

    The build quality is bloody brilliant. Not top if the line but your not paying top of the line either. 

    Large zip for deflation makes packing up a breeze. 

    Magnetic blow out actually works....I love it. 

    They have even put mesh over the intakes to help hold shape and aerodynamics. However it is a rubberised material and tends to pick up wet sand then get blown into the kite. 

    This kite is a push in the right direction. Pansh ARE listening to feedback (if not quite exact ) and the products are just getting better with each new kite. 

    I can not wait to see what us next 😎







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    Northern Kites Australia

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    I am just ranting (nice review by the way), but buying a HQ Montana or a HQ Neo II, or even a HQ Matrixx is like paying way too much compared to the Pansh now? Like to me they look very similar and for what they do, the Pansh still seems to be good value. After all we're just wanting a kite with good upwind, low-end and good for jumps. I know the other HQs are open-cell vs closed-cell, but we're still talking similar profiles? Just asking.

    I would even dare say the Flysurfer Speed2 or 3 is now in par with the Pansh Aurora. Speed 4 or 5 of course - totally different and more advanced technology, but PANSH are getting there.

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    On 15 August 2016 at 0:28 PM, Northern Kites Australia said:

    I know the other HQs are open-cell vs closed-cell, but we're still talking similar profiles? Just asking.

    HQ profiles are completely different and they're probably one of the manufacturers doing their own thing at the moment.  Whether that's a good thing or not, depends on if you're in that niche they've now decided to design for.

    The Zeekai is incredibly arc'd with a huge cell count. However open cell on water? Hrrmmm....
    The Matrixx is rectangular and fairly flat, in comparison the Aurora has swept wingtips and a nice wing profile.
    The Neo is stubbbbbbyyy.... more aimed at surf as the depower is huge but it's very on/off feeling.

    I can't wait to get my hands on an Aurora2 in Black and Orange :good: 

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    1 hour ago, Northern Kites Australia said:

    One extra like there @.Joel. Ran out of my 10 likes per day...

    Can't we like all we want like in Seabreeze? Share the love man!

    Which one and I,ll like it for you

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    Thanks for your post. I've got the 12m Aurora 2. It flies pretty much ok, but it happens to crash for no reason especially in strong winds. The center of the kite would just crash instantly while riding.

    Would you know what to do?


    I've read your tweek with interest, but I'm not sure about how you name different lines. If we call A (front), B (2nd), C(3rd), brake (back). Which ones did you shortened (51 and 102mm) ?



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