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    Darren Tibbey Peter Lynn Lifter 2.0M Review

    Great little kite for lifting your smaller stuff 

    Easy to fly
    Packs away very small
    Well made
    Negatives / Considerations
    No line supplied but Peter Lynn has it if you need it.
    Tail would be nice.
    2 bridles were off when l got it but easy fix

    Decided that l needed a kite the same colour as my Fauchi. Thought about making one but then came across the Peter Lynn lifter. Its a 2 sq mtr kite which will be more than big enough for the little dragon. At $60 US why would l build.


    Comes in a little bag about the size of a footy. Real easy to store anywhere.


    Thought ld get Thomas to plank for size. Got the ldea from JH.😉 Kite unfolds out to be quite a good size.


    Once you pull out all the bridle work you realise this is a very well made kite. As you would expect from the Peter Lynn makers.





     Has 8 bridle points all sewn into kite so very strong. Will from Peter Lynn tells me it will fly up to 30knots. Has a velcro tab at the top so your bridles wont get tangled when packing away. 5 tail attachment points at the rear for whatever tail you would like. And on each side at the rear a small hole to release a small amount of air or sand.

    Lets fly it.😃 Best Bit.


    Had a stiff breeze about 25 knots for its first test flight. Tried to inflate it but seemed fold in the middle. Realised that i had attached the wrong bridle point to the wrong line. Once rectified jumped into the air like it was made for it. Kite was stable even though it was gusty conditions.




    Flew it for a good hour to see if it had any funny characteristics. Did great came down once but that was more to wind and the trees behind it. Overall this kite for the price and what you can use it for is a great buy. I would definitely get more of these. Well done PL.

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