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  • Chook Peter Lynn Skin 4.6M Review

    By Chook

    It’s just a good fun kite, with a very unusual build. 

    Stitching Is Neat
    Reinforced Bridle Build
    Good Fun Kite
    Negatives / Considerations
    Lines Not Easily Removed
    Lines Stretch Easily
    Underpowered For Its Size

    Hi I have just received my Peter Lynn “Skin” 4.6 m2 5 cell kite. 

    It was ordered on the 15th of December and as I decided to go GREEN, there was a 7-10 day delay in delivery until it was made. @Goz has given me enough grief with my last pink one!!!!!  6 days later the email arrived that it was being posted. It turned up today which is outstanding, for a delivery to regional Western Australia. Cost was US$95. Plus the postage costs are $34. Lines and handles were included.


    This is where Peter has endorsed the supplier to build them. 
    http://www.kaixuankite.cn/product/14416 ... _Lynn.html

    It was squashed into a very tight bundle that was wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a plastic express post packet.

    First thoughts were the stitching was all pretty neat and the bridal reinforcements were most unusual. Heavy stitching/overlocking, over a light dyneema cord,on one side of the material and a single seam the other.



    I placed a rock on the kite and ran out the lines off the “13 Revolution” style handles. The yellow dyneema was wrapped and every so often reversed wrapped onto the handles so when laid out there weren’t any tangles. (A first for me)


    The brake and power lines are connected with a short line each side just above the line attachment points.


    The lines are not set up to be removed from the kite easily. (No larks head connection)

    Pegged the brake lines at the handles and stood the kite up and it sat there beautifully. Very well mannered.

    I flew it for 40 mins or so and other than the leading edge tucking back under when not fully powered up, it flies well.

    It turns very tightly with brakes applied and powers up well.


    I took this while flying it so that's how well mannered it is in a tight area.

    It has a fair pull and I was in turbulent 10 – 12 knot wind at home, by my cricket nets, so I could sort out any trim. This trim, wasn’t required really. The only thing was the dyneema stretched more on one side than the other after this brief flying session. See the difference length below.


    I then attached the lines to my favourite post after flying and pulled hell out of them. They didn’t change any more. So I have now equalized all 4 ready for a beach run in the buggy. 

    A new kite always equals off shore winds, so may be a while looking at our forecast before I can use it in the bug.

    My conclusion so far. 

    It is nowhere near the pull of an equivalent size ram air for the same square meters, but I expected that. 

    It’s just a good fun kite, with a very unusual build. It was my curiosity that made me purchase it.

    Would I buy this again? Probably not as the postage was pretty high. 

    Great kite for a giggle though.  

    It has the precision of a "Revolution 1" and can stand on a tip anywhere you put it.

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    Cheers, Chook :good: Will be keen to see what you think of it. Seems there's a bit of development going on in the single skin side of kites. I believe Steffen from Born Kites is working on the 'Ultra Star' which should be a more buggy-friendly version of the Nasa Star - I don't know any details, but I assume wider window, more speed etc.

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    Nice kite chook, love the green. If it's nothing special in the buggy, at least it's the perfect kite to hand to someone with no experience. Impossible to destroy :D

    I bet peter Lynn was kicking himself when flysurfer released the peak. It's the opposite ends of the scale I know, but I bet the skin would've got more attention if the peak wasn't released the same week.

    It's strange that you same the skin doesn't generate as much power as a traditional foil. I thought generally single skin kites were extremely grunty?

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