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  • jhn.holgate Spirit Of Air Cody Box Kite Review

    A classic kite and very good value for the money. 

    Good value for money
    Quite stable with a tail
    Looks awesome
    Negatives / Considerations
    QC a little suspect
    Needs a tail
    A bit fiddly to put together

    I bought the small Spirit of Air Cody a few years ago from Kitepower.  There is also a larger version which was available at the time but sadly doesn't appear to be in any of the shops at the moment.  I say 'sadly' as these are pretty good value kites that fly pretty well and I'm surprised that I cannot find any Cody box kites for sale in Australia at the moment - at least not looking through the first couple of google pages.


    I've always been a fan of the Cody box kites - there are some fabulous versions around - mostly home made - but some are pretty expensive.  The Spirit of Air Cody's are not expensive.  I paid $79 for mine which is the small version.  At first glance the QC wasn't very impressive as the sewing machine had run over an extra panel it wasn't suppose to and required a bit of unpicking.  Everything else was pretty neat and tidy.  There are 'nocks' on the end of the carbon ? poles that are with it and small loops of flat material that slot into the nocks.  That's the most fiddly bit of putting these together - getting the small ribbon of material into the nocks.  If it was a 1.5mm cord, it would be easy, but the flat 5mm wide ribbon is very fiddly.


    The kite is not supplied with a tail but I have attached one as the small Cody can misbehave in the gusty winds I get at home giving the odd large loop when it gets knocked around by a higher gust.  A fuzzy tail seems to settle this down nicely.  It seems to handle 10 - 20 knots with ease but I think 20 is getting towards as much as it wants to handle.  It will also comfortably lift a gopro in light to moderate winds and flys at a moderately steep angle.


    While the QC isn't the greatest I've ever seen, these are still a moderately complex kite and pretty good value for the money I paid.  And in my eyes, it looks pretty darn good too.

    SOA Cody 1.jpg

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    Carl A Furfaro

    Posted (edited)

    If you're not afraid to modify stuff and you're handy with needle and thread you might do what I did with my Spirit of Air kite, before even trying it out. I assembled it on my kitchen floor and found it annoyingly difficult to A. get the fabric loops into the nocks and B. get them to stay in place until there's finally enough tension to keep them there. After some thought I took all the loops and doubled them over and sewed them that way, creating a shorter, heavier loop. Into these loops I inserted 18mm "keychain" split rings, which fit more snugly in the nocks but are pretty easy to remove later. Just took it to the park and flew it briefly in what was getting close to too much wind; worked great. After a couple weeks I swapped out the 18mm rings for 14mm, adding about 1/4" to how far the fabric was being stretched. Looks better, more trim and not too tight.

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