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  • gum-nuts Ozone Access Sb Harness Review

    Comfortable and secure when hooked in. 

    Comfortable, secure and has its own bag
    Negatives / Considerations
    is maybe a little bit loose?

    I got my Ozone Access SB (Spreader Bar) Harness as a Christmas a few years ago. Before the harness I could only manage about two hours and I would have to give up. After 4 Months of buggying without a harness I swear my arms were both a couple of cm's longer than when I started kiting!

    Mark's arms had grown longer since he started kiting!

    The harness is designed like a rock climbing harness, with ergonomically designed leg straps to prevent it riding up. It has loads of padding in the legs and back-straps and the spreader is attached to the leg straps to prevent it tilting. Its is made from tough, but light-weight nylon and comes with a spliced Amsteel back leash line or cargo attachment for towing (designed for snow kiting).

    This harness has completely changed the way I buggy, I did try a few different types before opting for the Ozone. It is comfortable, particularly when sat in the buggy and doesn't shift or ride up. It took me a few times to get the positioning right, ensuring that the back strap is low enough and tight enough. Once strapped in properly I hardly notice it is there.
    Holding the power has now become a piece of cake, especially on those hard work up-wind runs, when I felt that both arms were going to be removed! The harness allows my body to take the strain and still allows me to feel in touch with what the kite is doing - I have even felt confident enough to fly one and sometimes no-handed!
    Overall - the harness is extremely well made (like all ozone products seem to be), it is very comfortable to wear for long periods and does what it is supposed to do well. I am not particularly small around the waist but do have to have the harness almost on it's tightest. 
    The harness works well in my buggy and is comfortable to wear sat down, it has given me the confidence and ability to keep pushing my speed, get rid of the kite killers (when I used to fly FB) and buggy longer and harder - and it all comes in a nice bag. And is now essential since swapping to depower.

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    @gum-nuts, good review.  I sold mine and kept my pl divine.  Not sure that was the right move as there are things I like about each and don't like.  This harness was perfect except I could never keep the straps from loosening.  I have measured this harness when full tightened and loosened.  It fits a waist size 32" to 42".  When properly adjusted it's great, but I found mine would still loosen almost as soon as I would use it.  I never tried, but I think if I tied the red waist loops together with paracord, that it would not have loosened.  I actually favor the ozone over the divine for that one feature because the divine stays put.  However, if I had to do it all over again, I would have modified the ozone harness to my liking because I preferred it in all other ways to the divine.  Just some drunken rambling to read :grin:

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    A great review!!:good:

    I was told the Access harness was made to go over snow gear, so that's why it is such a large fitting.

    Mine has never come loose. But it was a bit of a pain to walk round with it on so as the leg straps worked their way down my legs so I sorted it out. I modified it. (a lot over the years)

    Leg straps were shortened. Stitched firmly to suit my size. Red adjustment rings stitched out of the way.P1050307_(1024x768).thumb.jpg.50c8a782fd

    Webbing added from waist to each leg strap at the back. This took a lot of pressure off my hips with big kites. Elastic was retained to keep them up high on the legs while walking. The elastic just stretches when seated in the buggy but the webbing is adjusted up to the waist so it shares a small bit of the load over my bum. This hold the leg straps up higher on my thighs so a big kite doesn't try and lift my legs towards my knees.P1050305_(1024x768).thumb.jpg.fd897a50a2P1050306_(1024x768).thumb.jpg.8c3438a84f D ring shortened. I still have broken tendons in both shoulders, so need the handles in very close to be able to control them. D ring is folded over the back at the top and I had to add more to the bottom of the D ring as over time the D curve was pulling through the webbing of the attachment. The shinny bit is the back of the "wichard".

     P1050304_(1024x768).thumb.jpg.f549dfb27cPlastic was inserted into webbing and  added to centre at the front to keep my shirt out of my now very close strop pulley.P1050301_(768x1024).thumb.jpg.2ba5160586

    I haven't used any other harness for comparison.

    I still have a new unmodified D ring model I bought when my son showed some interest a while back. He hang glides now.

    It's done a LOT of kms and I've found it very comfortable for long hours in the buggy. I do run a cigarette lighter over the fluffy bits of padding as they wear on the edges, just to keep it neat and tidy and stop it fraying further.

    It's a quality bit of kit and a pleasure to wear.

    P1050300 (1024x768).jpg

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    A great review!!:good:

    I was told the Access harness was made to go over snow gear, so that's why it is such a large fitting.

    Mine has never come loose. 


    mine has never come loose and your right Chook about the sizing to fit over ski wear. 

    I have removed the original spreader and swapped it out for a roller, then refitted the original back on again!

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    I have an Ozone Gen I Base Harness and I still find it to be a bit of a nut cracker.  


    Perhaps the snowpants and such is meant to mitigate that.  Supposedly the issue was addressed in the next generation of the harness.  However, I always questioned how Ozone would have let it out the door the way it was.... as it's noticeable within the first 5 minutes of wearing the harness.  I expect if the had moved the attachment points for the leg straps out to the sides, all would have been well. 

    Although warmer due to the additional padding, I find the Ocean Rodeo Session I/II harness much more comfortable in that respect.  


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