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    .Joel Ozone Pro Handles Review

    By .Joel

    A handle that has the potential to be perfect 

    Overall Strength
    Clean Line Setup
    Direct Feedback
    Negatives / Considerations
    Overall Finish
    Leader Line Wear

    Ozone have done well with these handles, yet they are another company that could have nailed it if they paid a bit more attention to detail. Right now I find the Ozone Pro handles for me to be the best tool for the job, but they are not “perfect.” Being a MK1 design of the handles, i’m hoping they revise and improve them.


    The appearance of the handles from a distance looks great. Close up however you can spot a few cosmetic imperfections. Not a biggie, but it would be nice if they applied as much effort into finishing these handles off like they do their bars on their depower foils.

    The strop that comes with them is the standard Ozone strop. I’ve been using them for a while, whilst you get a limited life span out of them in your pulley, they are a good length and I have never broken one to date.

    Leaders (Power Line and Brake Line)
    Alright, this is where they are “Pro” handles. This means they are designed to be setup with a minimum amount of adjustment at the handle end. This is to minimize knots and the potential of things catching. One thing that has driven me crazy in the past is having knots on the leader lines jam up, or catch on the lines from the other handle after looping the kite or flying single handed with a few twists in the lines. Ozone have done their best to minimize the effect of the knots at the handle end. The outcome of this however is that you now need to do your adjustment at the kite end of the lines. One you have your kite setup it’s a case of leave and forget. 

    Now here is my main concern. I heard from an individual that his concern was the leader lines looked like they could wear on the carbon. At first I thought it was dolly’s wash, however as it turns out it is quite a reality. A couple of people have mentioned slight wear and “squeaking” of the knot inside the handles. My handles after 15 sessions are just starting to show some signs of wear, so I have no doubt that it is possible and it is something to keep your eye on just before you start the session. They won’t wear out overnight.

    This is an area that has mixed feelings. Ozone released them with the intention for you to wear gloves when using them. They also put heavy consideration in to the racing scene, where the top pilots do not fly with their fingers over the top line. Personally I don’t like that, and would rather they have the finger chafe protectors supplied with them or built into their next revision, as most freestylers fly with their fingers over the top line.

    Apart from the leader line on occasion chewing your finger, the handles are damn comfortable. They are fairly hard, with the foam padding giving you just that little bit of comfort. I like my handles hard instead of coated in really soft absorbent material, as it gives me a more direct feel to the kite. Instead of it being “spongy” you can feel everything instantly.

    In the buggy they feel great. The feeling back from the handles is direct and not spongy, and the different sizing options let you match them well to your kite. One area would be nice, is if they made one of the handles all black, instead of the only difference being the red and black plugs at the top of the handles. This would make grabbing the correct handle after letting go a lot easier to accomplish without having to try to spot the colour on the top of the handle. Having the brake lines come straight out the bottom is also a nice change.

    Overall Conclusion
    My overall conclusion is that I find these to be the best tool for the job at the moment. However Ozone could have done better by including chafe protectors, ensuring the top leaders don’t wear, and general cosmetics on the finish. None of this will stop me using the handles, as this is a smaller price to pay then my handles snapping mid air above hard ground, where falling into water isn’t a luxury, and landing on hard ground is a check back to reality. Ozone have released a handle that has the potential to be perfect, it just needs a little refinement.





    This review was originally posted in our Community Forum, October 2007

    Edited by .Joel

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    I haven't put a review of the Blurr up yet, I have flown it each day since Sunday :D Will fly it a couple more times then put a full review.

    Huge thanks to Kitepower for supplying the gear for review. Have a busy couple of weeks ahead and hopefully some ideal wind! These handles so far are the bees knees, and yet to be able to fault them!



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    Have you had a chance to do any buggy jumps on them yet Joel. Or have you just been testing them on the Blurr?


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    Those handles definitely look like they are a step up from the current offerings.

    Looking forward to the review of the Blurr.

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