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Found 59 results

  1. .Joel

    Vapor Bridle

    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor Bridle
  2. .Joel

    Vapor Bridle

    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor Bridle
  3. .Joel

    Vapor Wingtip

    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor Wingtip
  4. .Joel


    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor
  5. .Joel


    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor
  6. .Joel


    From the album: Peter Lynn Vapor

    Peter Lynn Vapor Kite Bag
  7. .Joel

    New Peter Lynn nGen!

    Well new to me Kite has been flown less than half a dozen times since purchase around 2000, the sand that arrived with it must be over a decade old by now. Unfortunately the weather outside is complete balls due to winter so I've only been able to open it up inside. There's a few kites in the past twelve plus years i've been buggying that I've wanted to try, funnily enough even with new kites being released my desire to want to try some ancient relics has not subsided, rather it's grown. The Peter Lynn nGen has been on top of that list for a while, one down quite a few to go
  8. Chook

    Peter Lynn Skin 4.6M

    Hi I have just received my Peter Lynn “Skin” 4.6 m2 5 cell kite. It was ordered on the 15th of December and as I decided to go GREEN, there was a 7-10 day delay in delivery until it was made. @Goz has given me enough grief with my last pink one!!!!! 6 days later the email arrived that it was being posted. It turned up today which is outstanding, for a delivery to regional Western Australia. Cost was US$95. Plus the postage costs are $34. Lines and handles were included. This is where Peter has endorsed the supplier to build them. http://www.kaixuankite.cn/product/14416 ... _Lynn.html It was squashed into a very tight bundle that was wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a plastic express post packet. First thoughts were the stitching was all pretty neat and the bridal reinforcements were most unusual. Heavy stitching/overlocking, over a light dyneema cord,on one side of the material and a single seam the other. I placed a rock on the kite and ran out the lines off the “13 Revolution” style handles. The yellow dyneema was wrapped and every so often reversed wrapped onto the handles so when laid out there weren’t any tangles. (A first for me) The brake and power lines are connected with a short line each side just above the line attachment points. The lines are not set up to be removed from the kite easily. (No larks head connection) Pegged the brake lines at the handles and stood the kite up and it sat there beautifully. Very well mannered. I flew it for 40 mins or so and other than the leading edge tucking back under when not fully powered up, it flies well. It turns very tightly with brakes applied and powers up well. I took this while flying it so that's how well mannered it is in a tight area. It has a fair pull and I was in turbulent 10 – 12 knot wind at home, by my cricket nets, so I could sort out any trim. This trim, wasn’t required really. The only thing was the dyneema stretched more on one side than the other after this brief flying session. See the difference length below. I then attached the lines to my favourite post after flying and pulled hell out of them. They didn’t change any more. So I have now equalized all 4 ready for a beach run in the buggy. A new kite always equals off shore winds, so may be a while looking at our forecast before I can use it in the bug. My conclusion so far. It is nowhere near the pull of an equivalent size ram air for the same square meters, but I expected that. It’s just a good fun kite, with a very unusual build. It was my curiosity that made me purchase it. Would I buy this again? Probably not as the postage was pretty high. Great kite for a giggle though. It has the precision of a "Revolution 1" and can stand on a tip anywhere you put it.
  9. SoutherlyBuster

    Peter Lynn Charger 10M

    I had a chance to try out the new Peter Lynn Charger 10m^2 for both land boarding and kite boarding. I mostly fly my Peter Lynn Venom II 13m^2 and when the wind is high swap over to my Peter Lynn Synergy 8m^2, so I felt at home with the Charger and the updates were a pleasant surprise. My comments come straight from my kiting log book. 7 Feb 2010 Ride =============== Land boarding session in light winds, 8 to 10 knots, sea breeze. Kite construction: well made, they have addressed the weak points of the Synergy. The air inlets at the wing tips, the zippered ones, these keep open much better when left unattended versus the Venom II, they don't collapse and close up in light winds. Due to the smaller trailing edge internal rib gauze between the wing tip and wing tip zipper, I could not inflate the wing tip by opening the down wind zip as one can with the Venom II. This was not a problem though as even when not fully inflated in light winds the kite was still launchable. So the launchability has improved significantly since the Venom II's. Navigator bar: excellent design, such a big improvement on the previous release. I could easily flag out the kite by letting the bar run out, let the kite land, pull the flagging line to retrieve the bar and re launch the kite (without having to unstrap and going to the kite). The bar is smoother and not as rough on the hands. The chicken loop can not accidentally come out or unhook, is very easy to reset once released. The bar did feel heavier than the previous models. The safety leash is a big improvement, will not coil and twist up any more, disengagement is effective and quick if you need to release it, this was not possible on the previous release. The kite performance is a slight improvement on the Synergy but a big improvement on the Venom II. It turns very fast versus the Venom II even in light winds. Power delivery is smoother than the Synergy. Landing worked well, the land assist tabs work much better than on previous models. Kite bag is the same as the Synergy, is the usual dual bag of small if kite wing tip batons are removed from the kite or extendable if batons left in the kite. Wing tip batons have not changed and still have the poor end cap rubbers which can fail upon kite crashes, ie intersection of rubber cylindrical wall and top cap get torn/cut from the Aluminium tube. (I replace mine with Bunnings chair leg end caps, not a problem since.) The bar centre hole has improved by the addition of a stainless steel sheath but still requires improvement as there were some rough edges. 13 February 2010 Ride ===================== Kite boarding session on the water, medium wind strength, 15-16 knots onshore sea breeze. GPS readings: 10m^2 Charger: 35 km/hr, 13m^2 Venom II 39.2 km/hr. This indicates trialing a 12m^2 Charger would have been a better comparison to my Venom II 13m^2. Now for the comments of the Charger .... Very smooth power delivery of the Charger, in comparison to my 8m^2 Synergy which is more like a "terrier" (but I like it that way). Charger has a very fast turning speed, very much faster than the Venom II 13m^2, and a bit faster than the Synergy 8m^2. I was a bit under powered for the water action at 15 knots average wind speed, therefore would not consider the 10m^2 Charger as an all round kite size for land and water like the Venom II 13m^2. So I would be inclined to go for either the 12 or 16m^2 Charger as the all rounder kite and use the smaller Chargers for high wind days. The soft covering on the bar was comfortable and felt solid on the land when the bar was dry, but when wet it felt a bit too slippery. My hands did not slip off though, perhaps something to get used to. The Cleat Trim System: personally I don't like it, I prefer the older strap system. The cleat system felt fiddly and difficult to set when out on the water and riding at the same time. The kite performed well on all fronts for upwind, cross wind and down wind. Because of the fast turning capability, kite loops will be easier and have to watch out for accidental kite loops as did happen during that session. I did not test the water re launch capability, it just kept in the air so nicely, had no need for water re launch. The bar pressure was light. This is considered a major improvement versus the Venom II 13m^2 along with turning speed. That is both light for pulling in the bar and for turning. The bar floaties length has been shortened which makes for a neater system during packup/winding in the lines. Again noticed the heavier bar/leash system, but suspect most of the weight increase was due to the leash. The leash was substantially longer, so it could be easily placed on your harness side if you wish rather than right next to the chicken loop hook. As noted during the land session, the new leash was great, no more twisting of the leash around the floaties as on the Venom II. There are now more adjustments possible on the Charger versus the Venom II and Synergies. I only tried out the one setting. The setting I used was: * Internal straps: default middle setting. * Front line knots: middle. * Rear line knots: fully out. Tips on which setting to use were given in the manual, but as before you need to 'play' with the settings to get what you want. Final remarks: Best improvements versus the Venom II: Faster turning. Low bar pressure. Improved bar system. Regards, Norman.