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Found 54 results

  1. Jo Baker

    Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

    Brand New Never used Peter Lynn Kite Buggy. Has been put together... Instruction manual included. Located in Frankston. $ 200 It has been in storage for about 8 years.. or so.
  2. Rhys Patterson

    Kite buggy and kites

    Asking $2000 for the lot open to reasonable offers Peter Lynn kite buggy Bomba 13 kite surfing kite 3.6 water foil 2.4 water foil 2 x harness’s Spare lines Spare bar Replacement value over $4k Open to reasonable offers, this setup was amazing and I could go out in all conditions with this variety of kites. Don’t have time to use it any more unfortunately. All gear is in good working order with no issues.
  3. Cheezycheese

    Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Oct.8-14th was the Wildwood buggy bash held in Wildwood NJ, Usa. What started as a weekend get together has evolved into a week long gathering of buggy, boarding, and blokart family. This year, those who arrived early were treated to some amazing onshore winds courtesy of Hurricane Michael. Wildwood beach is approximately 7 miles of amazing hardpack facing the Atlantic ocean. This year we had 4 GT buggies, a PTW and 2 MG Supras as well as the assortment of PL and Flexifoil buggies. Having upgraded my gear this year allowed me to set several PB's. I buggied more this bash than all my previous ones combined.
  4. .Joel

    Another Zebra Kite Buggy...

    We've got another Kiter amongst us, my father He's purchased his first buggy, a Zebra! Just when you think you've seen it all someone comes up with a great new idea, the original owner modified the footpegs in a way I had never thought. He used small mountain bike bar extensions/verticle grips attached to the straight footpeg then drilled a hole and mounted the heel strap. For anyone else that has a Zebra and wondering, it's actually a really simple, non-destructive modification.
  5. DrWind

    Venus Bay run

    Got a low-wind run at Venus bay yesterday and it was GREAT! The wind was dead on which opened up the whole of the bay (all 20 plus km of it), and although the tides weren't really low, there was still plenty of beach to be had. Interestingly I had more dog attention than usual - I think because the kite is black and looks more like a huge bird of prey. Fortunately I was going pretty slow when I nudged the Collie. As for the Jack Russell - he just took one look at the kite and ran . . . and ran . . .and ran. The Spleene was every bit the low-wind monster all the reviews indicate. Hope the video gets you in the mood!
  6. Jase Shepperd

    Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

    The YouTube video of our session at the Wanna sand dunes in our GT Race buggies. No sound track just the sound of a coupla dudes having a blast.. Short version
  7. DrWind

    And another video

    Here's some footage from Dingley park last weekend. Hopefully the angles will give you all a better perspective of the location for buggying / landboarding. Wind was from the north and at about 15 knots (dropping off as the sun set). Kite is 12.5 Montana. First time out with the drone (lots to learn).
  8. .Joel

    Why GT-Race?

    There's been a lot of attention lately towards GT-Race buggies in Australia and I'm unashamedly responsible. Earlier this year @nigel and I discussed to great length and in detail finally making our move towards owning the best production race buggies available. Our decision came about by the competitive blood between us when we're out kiting together, it's nearly a diagnosable medical condition and something that we've enjoyed for over 10 years together. Back in July our original plan was to order the XXTreme Apexx, a buggy we've seen first hand up close when @domenic first purchased his in 2008. We put up a discussion in the Buy & Sell on Extreme Kites to also feel if anyone else was interested, the end result was @igeighty was also showing interest. With three confirmed individuals I approached XXTreme in the Netherlands with our intent on purchasing three Apexx buggies and having them shipped to Australia. Without creating undesired consequences of sharing our unfavourable experience lets just say that communication during this process was incredibly poor. Delays in communication mean idle fingers wander, and wander they did stumbling upon GT-Race's website. We took a closer look at the information available online, then spoke with two GT-Race owners (one being in Mark Van den Berg the Dutch National Champion) and then finally approached @GT-Race (Martin Faber) directly. From the outset Martin's communication pre-order was amazing in the speed of which he delivered answers to our questions, the manner in which he fielded our questions and overall the secure atmosphere he created surrounding the purchase by never leaving any query unanswered. After a week of comparison, reading, searching, discussing with pilots of both buggies the three of us decided that the logical choice in this situation was the GT-Race Rapide. If the Apexx was the gold standard in 2008 the Rapide presented as years of evolution on this original idea. On the surface areas of difference which we felt drew us closer to the Rapide were features such as the integrated backrest, fork lock and flat foot plates. However when going further in to detail we felt the way the headstock connected to the downtube and facilitated the mudguard was a better solution, also the rear axle joint system made for quicker assembly and disassembly. Beyond that we liked little changes like how Martin had stepped the downtube welds and used 20mm head stock bolts that counter-sunk in to the fork. Overall the three of us felt that whilst the Apex was an incredible buggy the Rapide was just that few steps ahead having continued to evolve in increments. With our decision made we approached Martin and placed the order, however we were surprised to note that the Rapide ++ was due for release and that we would be in the first 10 built to receive the ++ version. In short, the ++ version brings together Martin's extensive build experience on the FL, refines it and makes further evolves the manufacturing process to produce a better finished product. It's not so much an evolution in features as it is an evolution in Martin's manufacturing process. With this in place and Martin now building 3 custom Rapide ++ buggies for us @roblukin stepped in to the mix. Originally his plan was to order an Outlaw from Peter Lynn New Zealand, however again you would have more success trying to arrange your affairs through two paper cups and a piece of string than any other form of communication. So again we turned to Martin and explained Rob's personal situation, his strengths and weaknesses regarding his physical condition and physical disabilities he has to manage as part of his buggying process. Virtually instantly Martin stepped it up a gear, and then the goal to manufacture a modified GT-Race Radical for Rob became the goal. There was some considerable discussion, about cutting some weight from the buggy, changing slightly part of the materials used and the manufacturing using those changed specifications. Over the course of a week everything was discussed and a 4th Buggy was ordered. GT-Race's strength isn't only about producing the highest quality, most technically advanced production buggies. GT-Race's strength is also the personalised customer service that Martin Faber spends each weeknight providing and each weekend turning orders in to fulfilment. Presently there are 4 GT-Race buggies being manufactured, assembled, checked over and packed to make their way to Australia. Kite Buggying in Australia is back on a growth trajectory since we launched the new Extreme Kites website in June this year, GT-Race is going to be front and centre of many Australian achievements going forward.
  9. Hi all, I really hope it's not just me, but I'm struggling to see how I list and sell some spectacular kiting gear on this site. I've searched and can see where, but more importantly I cannot see HOW to list my items. There's no 'create a buy/sell listing' or 'sell' button anywhere! - please advise. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Sysmic S2 Kite Bugyy in Stainless Steel (SOLD) This has been a good buggy, it's a Gen1 Sysmic S2 which most of the Gen2 features (spacer plates etc) were all based off as I built them and communicated with Christophe (Sysmic). All Gen2 parts can be retrofitted if you want to change things in the future like adding Bigfoots etc. Right now this setup suits running either Barrows, Midis or 17" Discs and is flexible for those options. This comes with a Gen2 seat currently on it, and a Gen1 seat as spare. The Gen1 seat had some flaws which I had corrected at an auto-upholsterer. Two sets of foot pegs, the standard Sysmic ones and another set built by @Chook that you can drop your heels in to. Includes: S2 Kite Buggy Frame w/ Covers & Padding Stainless Spacer Plates (Adjust siderail sizing) Stainless Disc Mounts (Ability to mount 17" Sysmic or similar rims) 2x Seats (1 Repaired Gen1, 1 Average Condition Gen2) 2x Sets Footpegs (1 Standard, 1x Heel Strap Race Style) Credit Card payments now accepted Frame & Accessories Only: $650 Complete w/ Midi Sysmic Wheels: $850 Located in Richmond, Victoria. Post / Delivery can be arranged buyer covers cost.
  11. DrWind

    Oval Buggying

    Looks like I need to get some credit points before I can PM so here's a start: One of my favorite buggying spots - mainly as I can walk the buggy there in 5 mins! Only tricky when there are footballers about ;-)
  12. Icebird

    Ozone Manta II - 8m

    I haven't used my 8m Ozone Manta 2 for a long long time so it has to go. (plus I need some $ get a new water kite) This kite is basically brand new, barely even bedded in. It was purchased brand new and has been used only twice: - In 2012 for a couple of days in the Cock's harbour area. (trip info with photos here) - In 2013 for half a day on Carruthers East ridge in Spring. Why so little use? Well, I am not a freestyle/lawn-mowing sort of snowkiter, I tend to go out exploring and for this I prefer a two-kite system of a 5m Frenzy and either 11m Frenzy or 15m Summit. Includes, backpack, leash, bar/lines, spares etc Gum-nuts sold a 10m Manta 2 recently for $450 and by the looks of it, that kite had had a little more use than mine. I am pricing this one to sell: Price: $400 Located in Ryde, Sydney
  13. .Joel

    Buying Your First Kite Buggy

    Buying your first Kite Buggy is a big step, so lets explore the best options together so you get the right equipment to start. The key to your first Kite Buggy is choosing a buggy that will get you kiting as often as possible, a versatile buggy when starting will give you the most enjoyment as frequently as possible. Features that are important in a first buggy are the ability to use it in the widest possible conditions, whilst easily transportable and good value. Top Choices for your First Kite Buggy Peter Lynn Rally The Peter Lynn Rally is a fantastic first choice for a Kite Buggy, it’s compact, versatile and offers a really good all-round Kite Buggy. The Peter Lynn Rally comes in two available wheel configurations, Standard and Midi/Wide wheels. The ideal configuration for someone starting with the Peter Lynn Rally as their first buggy is the Midi/Wide wheel configuration. This will give you the flexibility to comfortably kite buggy in most parks, ovals and grassed areas whilst also providing the ideal introduction to beach kite buggying. The Midi/Wide wheels option on the beach will allow you to kite with slightly less power required, and also allow you to go through much softer sand more comfortably than attempting with a standard wheel. Zebra Buggy The Zebra Buggy is an excellent first buggy offering the casual and beginner kite buggy pilot a solid platform to start with. The buggy offers good back support and has upgrade options going forward as your skills develop. The Zebra Buggy comes in with the option of a 125cm or 150cm Rear Axle, and the option of a Standard or Midi/Wide Fork, and Standard or Midi/Wide Tyres. The ideal beginners configuration is a Zebra Kite Buggy with 125cm Rear Axle, Midi/Wide Fork and Midi/Wide Tyres all round. This will give you the most flexibility to kite parks and ovals, whilst the slightly wider tyres assist on softer beaches. Second Hand Options? A Second Hand Kite Buggy can save you considerable money when first setting out provided you purchase the right model for a beginner. Kite Buggies such as the Peter Lynn Competition, Peter Lynn Competition MK2, Flexifoil and Libre vMax kite buggies are all excellent beginner choices and are frequently sold in the Buy & Sell section of our Community Forum. Build Your Own? If you’ve got the resources why not? Take a read through our Kite Buggy Forum and start a new discussion. Best methods and practises are always evolving and changing, so you’ll get the help you need in a New Topic. Still Not Sure? If you’ve still got questions and unsure ask in our Community Kite Buggy Forum, our members will be more than happy to assist in answering your questions.
  14. Jim Weldy

    JIBE - Jekyll Island Buggy Expo

    The JIBE is Jekyll Island's first, and the Southeastern US's only annual kite buggy rally. It is planned as a loosely organized, informal get-together for kite-buggy pilots, but ATB/ landboarders, Blokarts and all traction and power kite fliers are welcome. JIBE is now a NAPKA sanctioned event, meaning that there is no longer the need to register or pay for registration fees. Just join NAPKA for $40 and you can not only attend JIBE but any other sanctioned event in North America. http://www.coastalwindsports.com/JIBE_Guide.pdf
  15. gum-nuts

    Peter Lynn Comp Xr+

    I was never going to be able to afford a proper race buggy so I had to look at ways of upgrading my humble Peter Lynn comp XR+ ... standard Peter Lynn Comp XR+ My buggy now has the Peter Lynn 140cm gigastrong axle, longer and stronger side rails, a custom made back rest and 6 ply highway rated radial tyres. beefed! Compared to one of my previous buggies of lust, the Sysmic S2 it is a very similar size (length and width) and has the same sought of footprint, but overall it is still a lot lighter in weight despite the modifications. The heaviest addition is the gigastrong axle as this is much thicker as well as longer. gigastrong! The side frame extensions have also added some extra height to the frame allowing me to lower the standard PL seat while still having a reasonable clearance under my butt! This means I sit lower between the frames and am able to wedge myself in more. The back rest has been through a couple of processes to get it comfortable and to provide the support I was after... Overall these modifications, along with the new tyres, have made the buggy feel much more stable. I am now able to block myself against the side rails and the overall feel of the buggy enables me to hold down more power. And rather than that power translating into sideways slippage the buggy tracks forwards better - I think this has enabled me to increase my speed and also the upwind performance. The new tyres are less likely to slide on the surface of the lake and this has also helped. With a slight shift of my weight I am still able to un-stick the rear end either to scrub speed or power slide - but it did take a bit of getting used to. I am really pleased with how the buggy is handling and the comfort side of it and I am so glad now that I didn't spend a couple of grand on something else (the mods so far have cost about $400). I'm not saying in the future I wont want to upgrade but some of the other production buggies are a lot heavier than my comp xr+.
  16. .Joel

    Photos of Your First Buggy

    This is all about your first set of wheels, share some photos of your first buggy! I purchased my first buggy in 2003, it was a Peter Lynn MK1. It came with a standard seat and splash guard, I built some curved foot-pegs and added a backrest that was built by a local kiter who was a regular at the field.
  17. BobM

    Frustrating Lack of Wind

    Here we can see the frustrations of an inland kiter - there is barely enough wind to keep the kite in the air, let alone get some traction from it to drive the buggy. I was silly enough to combine a lack of sunscreen and shorts on this day and ended up with sunburnt legs. I also chose this photo because it shows the muscle definition caused by taking up an alternate sport
  18. .Joel

    Duke Rack V1

    Duke Rack V1 Huge thanks to @The Duke for knocking this together for me yesterday. I took some photos from the Buggy Transport thread and some steel strapped to the roof racks of the car. A few hours, a few more hours, then a few later and the buggy was now safely being held on the back of the car by Duke Rack V1. Test drive was back to Melbourne from Ballarat, about 160km so not overly far and it didn't move at all, we had some thoughts that it may need tensioning to the roof racks but there was no movement. Each point on the rack has a through pin/bolt, and then 2 pressure bolts on each point so there's no play in it. I need to take an angle grinder to it to tidy up a few bits and remove the finger-slicing edges as we thought by 1am Mrs Duke may not want to hear us angle grinding in the street any longer I've got some ideas for aV2, mainly a mix of long-distance road transport settings vs on-location rear clearance settings which will retro-fit back on to this but first time to test this and take some measurements of rear clearance at different locations. Haven't decided on a colour yet, just avoiding dark colours like black that will get ridiculously hot sitting in the sun on a dry lake. I'll share some more photos once it's all cleaned up and painted up.
  19. Alystan

    Flysurfer Peak2 9m 2015

    Hi everyone, I am selling my near new 9m Flysurfer Peak2 (2015) with bar/lines and its sac (as pictured) and original spare parts. This is a single skin depower kite with a high aspect ratio that can fly in as little as 6 knots. It generates a large amount of power for its size as the kite is much flatter than regular foils (and inflatables, obviously). I bought this kite new in August 2015 from briskite ( http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1361 ) with the intention to use it as my light wind snow-kite and have used it on 3 different days at the back of Thredbo this season. I can confirm that one can go upwind and uphill (at the same time) below 10 knots. In the Australian back country, you can't just go back to you car to switch kite when the wind changes. Being small framed, I found myself quickly overpowered when the wind picks-up and I have settled for a smaller and less powerful kite. Reviews of this bad boy can be found here: http://www.hardwaterkiter.com/kite-and-gear-reviews/flysurfer-peak2-first-impressions http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue49/?page=139 The kite is in near new condition. Bought for AU$1199 (can provide receipt), selling for AU$900 plus postage. Pick-up and inspections available in Wollstonecraft or North Sydney (NSW).
  20. the_hatman

    A lament to days of your

    Back in the day when I was just middle aged(but not in the middle ages) the walk of shame was 300' as all serious flyers used 150' lines (unless a teem flyer then each successive flyer would fly on about 5' shorter lines)but you still had 150' lines in the bag. So the walk of sham was to the kite and back. Now this is just an aside all thou technically it should be an in front or more accurately an affront. My walk of shame today was 16 1/2' (5m) and could just throw the kite back in the air (a kaos UL and a Benson outer space) but it got me wondering how I used to fly on 3m lines as even on 5m lines every thing happens so quick you have very little reaction time and as I was flying at Kardinia park the wind at ground level was every thing but perfect or even good, well now it was actually just crap, but great fun to fly even managed a 720 or double axel. water fall was over almost before it began a few side slips or helicopters and no broken carbon kowl.
  21. ok here goes, i'm putting together a buggy from what once was a trailer when i had the dragster. it is 1.8m wide and yet to find out the length. i've just started cutting the downtube and will weld it this weekend. got 40 x 8 flat for the forks and headstock, will work it out as i go along.
  22. .Joel

    GT-Race Radical

    From the album: GT-Race Radical

    GT-Race Radical Kite Buggy produced by Martin Faber.

    © GT-Race.nl

  23. .Joel

    GT-Race Radical

    From the album: GT-Race Radical

    GT-Race Radical Kite Buggy produced by Martin Faber.

    © GT-Race.nl

  24. .Joel

    GT-Race Radical

    From the album: GT-Race Radical

    GT-Race Radical Kite Buggy produced by Martin Faber.

    © GT-Race.nl