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Found 1 result

  1. Pari

    Woops done it again

    FLYSRUFER Speed3 Deluxe 12M Woops I've done it again...bought myself yet another kite. What a kite! I've been wanting to get a Flysurfer Speed3 ever since I had a borrowed one for a couple of seasons of Jason. I went as far as buying Pansh A15 which is a great kite for the money and I've had a heap of fun with it, but it is no replacement for German design and engineering. I picked the Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe with the Lotus material, up from Byron Bay yesterday having won an eBay bid. I managed to have both a land board and kitesurf session in the evening to put it through it's paces. OMG... what an insane kite. The wind was about 13 maybe 14 knots. Not a lot for a kitesurfing session on a Tube kite but with the FS I was doing massive airs like I've never done before. You just up vertical with enough float up there to have a little look around and take in the view, casually look at the kite and when it's time to come back down, redirect and float down to a soft landing. Very impressive. The timing takes a bit of getting use to especially on turns, the kite flies so far forward in the window that you have to let the kite pull you round out of the turn rather than carving it up in a quick switch the way I like to with a LEI. Speaking of forward in the wind window, in that kind of marginal wind I would have been working my butt off to keep up on the 136cm twin tip I was riding, never mind staying up wind. With the FS I wasn't even thinking about it and in fact I was casual letting myself drift a little down wind playing with jumps and finding waves to ride of the lip. I would easily gain the lost ground without even trying. I like to ride waves coming in when I can, but it was hard with this kite as it's just so damn fast! I couldn't wash of the speed once I was on the wave and would just end up out racing it.....there probably is a knack to it. The kite is very forgiving as I've heard said before, I felt very safe out there. I've never really thought that I would use a ram air kite on the water and intended this kite to use for my land boarding, mainly because tube kites are so easy to get out of trouble with when you dump them in the water. But the FS stays UP there... like it just sits up there above you head. So the couple of times I came of the board and reoriented myself the kite was ready for me to get going again unlike my Naish Pivot (another awesome kite) which if you take your eyes of for more than a few seconds can end up taking a accelerated nose dive. All in all I loved riding it on the water, so much that i went out again today again in marginal winds. I know it was marginal because whilst I was the only kitesurfer out there carving it up, speeding along and doing big airs, I saw a couple of LEI's go up. They tried and failed to even get going, one dumping his BWS in the water having a kitemare. I felt a little smug I must admit. So the land board sessions... Lets just say woooohoooo. I scared myself a few times with speed, and how far and high my jumps were, but again that famous Flysurfer float just gives you the time to correct. Any other kite i wouldn't have felt safe doing jumps like that but the Speed3 gives me the confidence to push it a little further. I've had the sickest weekend flying my new Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe and I've absolutely knackered myself out from all the fun. Better start saving for the Speed5!