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Found 3 results

  1. .Joel

    Garmin etrex 10

    Garmin etrex 10 GPS. $100 + post.
  2. bakersdozen

    Garmin eTrex 20 GPS

    Not getting the use it deserves. Comes with 2018 version maps on the sd card. $200 ono..
  3. jhn.holgate

    Garmin Edge 200

    The Edge 200 is Garmin's bottom of the line bicycle computer. It displays speed, time, distance, average speed and elevation (you can select between the last two being displayed on screen). As a bike computer, it's perfect for sticking on the headstem of your bike and keeping track of how long and how far etc. When you finish, hit 'stop' then 'save' and it will display 'ride saved to history'. You can view all the stats (time, av speed, max speed, elevation gain/loss, splits etc) at any time you like. Connect it to your PC (after downloading and installing Garmin Connect) and it will upload all the data to your page where you can see a google map of where you've been or zoom in to see any part of your elevation or speed statistics. The Edge can store up to 130 hours of ride data which you can delete when necessary. It's powered by a built in lithium battery which is said to last 14 hours. I usually let it recharge after a couple of rides so I've never let it run down to test that spec out. Now while this is a dedicated bike computer, it shows everything I want for the buggy. Plus the maps and a graph of my speeds - any weird errors would be pretty obvious when looking at the graph. It's small (and a little slippery and easy to drop but bounces well....) and is really only designed to fit on it's own mount but with a bit of bodging, I think it's an ideal buggy gps. It's not overly expensive at around the $150 mark and seems pretty accurate. I left if on in my pocket while I drove the car home and over the course of 30km there was only one slight 25 meter detour on the map when I walked across to my lunch stop. For the most part, it even had me on the right side of the road. There are 'course' options and a few other functions I haven't messed with, but it's not a GPS you'd take bushwalking. More of a speedo. It comes with two mounts which are designed to fit on round tubes with o-ring type rubber bands - it does and excellent job of holding it on my headstem. But alas, I don't have the appropriate sized tube where I wish to put it on the Vmax. A $10 wrist strap for mobile phones/ipod from JB Hifi easily fixes that.... It's a little small and slippery in the hand... But the ease of accessing the data via Garmin Connect is excellent.. Now while I'm not that much into speed, it's always nice to be able to see a full screen speed display of your buggy/bike/run etc. And you can zoom in to any bit too. I think it makes an ideal buggy gps - just a pity the mounting system isn't a bit more versatile. If you've got a bike then it makes a lot of sense to have the Edge 200 for double duty with the buggy. If you're considering a gps for the buggy, this is worth considering, especially taking the price into account.