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Found 11 results

  1. NestPhoto KAP

    Pigeon Point Lighthouse

    From the album: NestPhoto KAP Images

    Kite Aerial lmages shot by Nestor Rivera Jr

    © Nestor Rivera Jr @ 2016

  2. NestPhoto KAP

    Navesink Lighthouse

    From the album: NestPhoto KAP Images

    Kite Aerial lmages shot by Nestor Rivera Jr

    © Nestor Rivera Jr @ 2014

  3. NestPhoto KAP

    Lighthouse Inn

    From the album: NestPhoto KAP Images

    Kite Aerial lmages shot by Nestor Rivera Jr

    © Nestor Rivera Jr @ 2017

  4. NestPhoto KAP

    Block Island South East Lighthouse

    From the album: NestPhoto KAP Images

    Kite Aerial lmages shot by Nestor Rivera Jr

    © Nestor Rivera Jr @ 2017

  5. jhn.holgate

    Kite Aerial Photography

    Anyone doing this? I've made up a picavet mount for the GoPro which will take photos every 2,5,10,30 seconds but haven't managed to use it yet. I have had the gopro under the wing of a motor glider with some success, but of course every time I bank/turn it, I get shots of the neighbors paddock. Of which I have A LOT. But it seems a bit hit and miss. I like the idea of putting a kite up, attaching camera and then letting out the line to position the camera in the right spot. Found a good vid:
  6. Something about the Cody box kites that has always intrigued me. I think they look awesome. Named after Samuel Cody, who is famous for his work with large kites, some used by the British military in world war one for artillery observation. He may have also been one of the very first 'kite boaters' as he successfully used one of his kites to cross the English channel pulling a boat. I have a smallish 'Spirit of Air' cody that was relatively cheap at around $80AU, but you get what you pay for and I wouldn't really recommend it. It's not the most stable flyer and I had to unpick and re-sew one of the seams that overran into another panel - not great QC. HQ make a bigger, much more complex version. If you don't mind messing around with quite a few spars, it would probably make a good lifter or kap platform. Certainly a stunning looking kite. Reviews n.a. Cody This cody, made according to the standards of Lutz Treczoks, is a friend for life. Superior workmanship and made of the finest materials, this Cody rocks. This classic kite performs best in medium to higher winds. Our 35er Cody with top-sail is especially suitable to hauling up all kinds of line laundry as a result of the strong lift it develops. rec. accessories: groundstake, windturbines. Width 260 cm / 102" Height 120 cm / 120" Sail Nylon Frame Carbon 3 + 6 + 8 mm Line rec., 90-145 kp / 200-320 lb. Wind 2-6 Bft. (6-49 km/h, 4-31 mph) Age + 14 There's also some nice video of it flying too - looks like it flys at a nice high angle and pretty stable too. Skip through the German intro/review to the last bit of assembly and flying at 3:30ish Found a bit of a review on it from issue 104 of The Kiteflyer: Priced at US $298.95.
  7. lizkelly

    Dean Kite Festival

    Hi, I am involved with the Dean Recreation Reserve and as part of reinvigorating the Dean Community I thought it would be a good idea to hold a kite festival. I'm not sure where to start, but I can tell you about Dean and my ideas. Dean is halfway between Ballarat and Daylesford, and is notoriously windy. They tried to put a wind farm on the hill up the road as it seemed to be a good spot according to the wind atlas. The Dean Recreation Reserve is a pretty exposed big oval (5 acres?) and I think it is a good spot to fly kites. I have scheduled the Kite festival for Sunday 15th of September. I have also got a $500 grant from the Hepburn Shire Council. I am thinking for this first festival, as it will become an annual event, to keep it pretty small, and not really sure about what else I want to do. I want kids 7-15? to make and assemble kites. I want everyone to learn about the history of kites. I want everyone to have a fun day flying kites. I've had a look at the Rosebud kite festival website and it all looks pretty full on, guest kiters from all over the world and stuff... Hoping you can help me figure out where to go with this plan. I would be happy to come down to Geelong and have a look at some point and talk with you or someone about it all. Cheers, Liz
  8. Peter Lynn has been hard at work developing single skin, single line kites. He has a couple now which he has licensed out for other people to produce. This one looks very nice - the Boomer, a 2.5sq.m 7 cell made and sold by John and Irene Tan in Singapore, fionareen@yahoo.com.sg It evidently has 3x the pull of an equivalent ram air foil... could be a good line laundry anchor. According to Peter, they fly at a higher angle than a similar ram air foil and the Boomer's wind range is 8 km/hr to 40 km/hr.
  9. jhn.holgate

    Gomberg Fled

    The Gomberg Fled is a cross between a Sled kite and a Flare kite. This is a framed, light wind kite designed for 4 - 11 knots. It will happily lift my gopro in quite light conditions where my foils would not fly. It's quite stable and flies at quite a steep angle - I have occasionally seen it fly directly above my head. The Fled has an adjustable line on the back of the kite for adjusting the bow of the kite. I haven't experimented too much with this - I put a slight bow in it and it flies nicely - I haven't measured the distance between the line and the back of the kite. I assume adding some bow into the kite is something like dihedral on a glider's wings which adds stability. Seems to work pretty well - you can see it clearly in the two photos below. The kites are made in China and the workmanship is adequate. Certainly not confidence inspiring. It just all seems a little light to me - particularly the horizontal spar pockets which are velcro pockets. The Fled comes with a drogue attached which seems to work quite well. There is certainly plenty of pull in light winds and if you wanted the kite to sit at a lower angle, you could always try a long fuzzy tail. The vertical spars are sewn into their own pockets and stay in the kite, you only need to assemble the two piece horizontal spar for it to fly. The only downside to this is when it's in it's bag, the bag is 5ft tall. I don't ever remember this kite waving wildly side to side or looping or showing signs of any bad behavior at all - it's quite well behaved. Which is just as well as I wouldn't want to see this hit the ground with any force being fairly light weight. I have mine on 150 pound line and it pulls this with no problems at all. Pulls the gopro up with ease too. It would handle a small compact camera but a SLR might be a bit of a stretch. Overall, I think this is an excellent light wind KAP or line laundry rig. A nice, taught flier that doesn't flap or misbehave.
  10. jhn.holgate

    Hq Kap Foil 5M

    After a moderately large and stable lifter? Consider the HQ KAP foil 5m. Designed for lifting cameras, the KAP foil also does a pretty handy job at lifting line laundry. At the Dean Kite Festival in 2013 we had around 12 - 15 knots most of the day and I put the KAP foil up with a big spinner attached to it. It sat there quite stably for the entire day. It flies at a reasonably steep angle for a foil and has a pretty decent pull. I seem to recall measuring around the 15kg pull mark in those winds - not something you'd want to be walking around with holding onto the reel. A good ground anchor is necessary. The KAP foil comes with a 3 section tail, in the photo above, I have two sections attached. It doesn't move around much and I haven't felt the need to add the third tail (which is now added on to the Ultrafoil's tail). Like the HQ Flowform 2.0, this is not a particularly light weight kite. It's really well built and the material feels quite thick and heavy duty. It's not what I'd call a light wind kite. It's got enough pull to handle an SLR with ease. It certainly laughs at my gopro or compact Panasonic camera and rig. In lightwish winds - say 10 knots, you'd probably be ok with 150lb spectra. In moderate winds I use 500lb spectra which also has the advantage of being a bit easier on the hands. I usually don't try to fly this off the reel - I run the line out first and anchor it, then connect the kite while I have a pulley connected to the flying line and then walk back to the anchor with the kite gaining altitude along the way. It's overkill if you only have a small camera, but if you want something with some good lift and very stable, this might be just the ticket. AP Foil 5.0 Reviews k.A. KAP Foil 5.0 Kite aerial photography (KAP) is photography generated by lifting a camera into the sky through use of a kite. The camera is triggered either remotely or automatically to take aerial shot and can be attached directly to the kite, but is usually secured to an adjustable rig suspended from the kite line. With this elevated view, pilots can capture landscapes, objects, architecture, and people in entirely new ways. The beginning of KAP dates back to the late 19th century. Aerial photography from kites is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of remote sensing of the Earth´s surface. The KAP Foils developed by German kite enthusiast Ralf Beutnagel are reliable and very stable lifter kites for a camera rig. These brilliant kites are successfully in use since 2006 and have impressed many Kite Aerial Photographers by their flight characteristics. The wind range of the KAP Foil is fairly wide. These kites perform very well even in ground winds. The KAP Foil 8.0 is more than sufficient to carry heavier cameras in light winds. In stronger winds, these kites fly very stable without slipping sideways. Width 240 cm / 118" Height 200 cm / 105" Sail Nylon Line rec., Polyester 250 kp / 550 lb. Wind 2-6 Bft. (7-45 km/h l 4-28 mph) Age 14+ KAP Foils generate considerable pull. For experienced pilots only. Strict observation of mentioned age and wind range is highly recommended. It's available in a 1.6m, 5m, 8m and 12m.
  11. jhn.holgate

    Ultrafoil 30

    Designed by Ray and Jeanne Merry, the Ultrafoil range has gained a bigger brother - the Ultrafoil 30. This one is designed for 5 - 30 mph wind and I imagine it would generate some pretty decent pull in the upper wind range. I have the Ultrafoil 15 which is an excellent gopro kap rig that flies at a reasonably steep angle and is quite stable. This should make an excellent alternative to a HQ Flowform 2. Recommended line is 300lb and current price is $250 US. Available at IntoTheWind and Cobra Kites as well as the KAPshop.