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Found 9 results

  1. SoutherlyBuster

    Worn out Springs

    So here I was landboarding in thick grass come to the end of my tack, thinking the ride was a tad wobbly. Bugger, one of my front springs of my MBS Comp95 matrix trucks popped out. No spring to be found, only lots of sheep, hey it's New Zealand. So I put an order in for some new springs direct from MBS USA. They arrived and check out the difference, the oldies have permanent offset of 10mm, no wonder they popped out. Suppose that is normal wear, old ones were from when I originally bought the board. The egg shocks will also be replaced as they have shrunk as well. Ride should be a lot more solid when the new ones are installed.
  2. Northern Kites Australia

    WTB: MBS foot straps (bindings) or equivalent

    My straps came apart (gave me 4 years worth, which ain't bad) last weekend. I can retro fit something to get me going, but I'd prefer to get something more solid or durable. Anyone have any MBS bindings? All I need is the strap (x 2) that goes through the metal ring and back to the L-bracket on the board. I can then fashion my straps to go around it. Otherwise, I may have to buy the whole kit. Thanks in advance
  3. Northern Kites Australia

    WTB: Suitable grab-handle for MBS Core 95 board

    Just after a spare MBS grab handle for my MBS Core 95 board. Or a way to apply any twin tip grab handle would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Mfwetu

    MBS Matrix trucks

    Unused but they have picked up some surface rust and a few scuffs/scratches from the 4 years they've been laying around, first in Pari's garage and then mine. They still look good and function perfectly. $130 + postage
  5. I thought I'd try Joes trick and listen to music while land kiting @ Elwood park. Managed to break the screen on my phone. Took to a phone repair shop who over phone said $109, then $150 in store, and then $200 when I returned to pick it up.. So I said no. Give my phone back! Because I don't like the increasing price game they seem to play. Made appointment for Apple Store instead, was running early so stopped in food court and had wallet stolen. ( school kids grabbed it and bailed real quick ). Apple open my phone and see sticker from the other repair shop and say will not replace screen under warrant for free when it has been opened my somebody else.. FFS. i tell them I've just had wallet stolen, phone replaced for free....... KARMA.. now i I need to ring around to get new drivers licence etc etc.. LUCKLY DIDNT HAVE TOO MUCH CASH ONBOARD.. Could have been way worse if I had money in wallet for my Snowkite trip this weekend! Or just sold a kite.....
  6. Northern Kites Australia

    Street kiting with MBS landboard, which kite?

    Hey guys, just asking for advice. Recently my work has asked us all to park our cars in a new carpark about 400m away from work and walk. I don't mind the walking, but sometimes when the wind is up, I wish I could just street kite to and from work, especially as it's clear of trees and all asphalt. There is plenty of room with a bonus slight downhill section right into work, but a slight up hill from the car. It takes about 5mins to walk, but I reckon it would take me less than 2 mins if I could street kite. What short line kite would you recommend, and I assume it would be flown purely on handles? I have a Peter Lynn Viper 2.6m kite which would fly really nicely on handle but I have yet to try it. Or would a NASA be better, as I would not waste time trying to inflate the kite? Yeah something that I can just pop open and go? An umbrella?! LOL
  7. 123matt

    Mbs All Terrain Longboard

    I treated myself to a new board... the MBS all terrain longboard. These are brand new out from the USA by MBS who are known for their mountain boards. Where I live over summer we get nasty cat eye thorns that seem to grow everywhere so it was great to get hold of a board and not have to worry about pneumatic tyres. I've had the chance to take the board out on a number of surfaces and given they are new out thought I'd give my impressions. Overall I'm impressed with the board. Riding it is like going from the old 26" mountain bikes onto the 29ers. You just feel like you can roll over anything. The board easily handles uneven footpaths, road surfaces and loose stone that would stop an ordinary skateboard. I've taken it down a few grassy slopes and as long as the grass is pretty low, and the ground hard packed then it goes great. If kiting strapless is your thing then this board would be fine on any hard packed surface. In terms of just general cruising the board is much easier to push than a standard mountain board. On a road surface made from rock rather than bitumen there is much more vibration through your feet than you get with pneumatic tyres. Off road the vibration disappears. The board is very much at home rolling over mown tufts of grass on hard packed soil, which is what many of our local playing fields become over summer. On smooth surfaces like concrete the board makes a pretty cool noise through the tyres due to the tread pattern. The board has got decent bearings in it so it rolls smooth and far. I found the board length comfortable and build quality high as you expect with an MBS board. Some pics of the board are below including size comparison between standard skateboard and MBS mountain board so you can see the difference.
  8. Northern Kites Australia

    MBS Core 95 - trucks and bearings

    I need to replace my rusted bearings on my MBS Core95 board with vector (is that right?) trucks. Can someone point me as to where and what's the size and make of these bearings? I think there are two versions on the MBS site but I am not sure which would suit my standard hubs. Thanks