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Found 8 results

  1. Haven’t posted in while been busy more with music compositions, but still kiting and slope soaring my gliders with my son Zachary here in Christchurch. The Distraction by Norman Freund https://youtu.be/0exNctKqQkc Special thanks to my son Zachary for helping out with the time lapse pre-processing and advice during the music production. No I have not switched to LEI’s ha ha, some one else kiting in the beach scene. Hey @bakersdozen, thanks for putting me on to the Reaper DAW (Digital Workstation). Takes a bit to get used to it to feel free enough to be creative with it. I tried putting the video together with Adobe Premier Elements, very clunky, wrecked the quality, too slow …. . So I thought why not try the video editor that comes with the music DAW, Reaper, hey not bad. Cutting up the video segments and synchronising with the music phrases is simple in Reaper since your composition is already there with all the cues and midi notes. The video quality in Reaper is good too. Hope you like it. Music only copy on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/norman-freund/the-distraction Regards, Norman Freund
  2. SoutherlyBuster

    Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    It has been an interesting journey to Zac and my first snow kiting session. It all started with those far and few in-between posts from around the global of snow kiting and me thinking I’d like to do that. Back in Oz, it was some thing like a six hour drive just to get there, and to start with apart from the kites we did not have the gear. So lot’s of questions to those on the EK that might know thing about Snow kiting (thanks @clive and @goshen), slowly the picture came together. Then came the big move from Australia to New Zealand - South Island - Christchurch, snow kiting would finally become a reality. First step was to pick whether we were to ski or snow board, since we already have experience on landboards, surfboards and skate boards, it was a natural choice … hm at the time … to pick snow boards. We now have 1.75 years experience behind us snow boarding on the steep slopes of New Zealand, just gravity runs. In the mean time I was scouring over reports/stories of snow kiting in New Zealand, to pick suitable places to go and were reasonably close to where we live, and what dangers to look out for. @outlaw gave us some great tips. More scanning on-line topographic maps. We don’t have any avalanche training, and from reading on the subject, unless you are trained, on off piste trails keep below 30degree inclines. More scanning of topographic maps. Then there was the question of at what altitude does the snow begin, rather a challenge here in New Zealand as most of the mountains with snow on them are really steep. So more keeping an eye on weather maps for snow falls and wind. Finally the planets aligned, our favourite down hill snowboarding field, Mt Hutt was forecast to be shut (aka Mt Shutt) due to high winds, with the weather forecasts indicating strong to gale conditions. So were we going to bite off more than we could chew? More scanning of the weather maps, must say https://www.windy.com proved to be very useful, thanks @plummet. So it was either a 1.5 hr drive Mt Somer with a 400 metre hike to where the snow might begin and 30 knot winds forecast or a 3hr drive to Round Hill in the south where 15 knot winds were forecast with a hop skip and jump from our car to the kite launch spot. Round Hill has some nice low slope inclines before the steep 30 degree inclines begin, but would the snow line be low enough? Found some web cams at the village next to Lake Tekapo, bonzi — looks like the snow line would be low enough and we had two potential sites around the lake, Round Hill and Mt Joseph. Round Hill was it then. It also had a ski field, so if the wind would not play ball we could hit the ski field. It was going to be an early morning start, waking up at 5am, no different to our usual weekends to Mt Hutt. Great road trip Round Hill, we arrived at 0900 and we were greeted with plenty of snow with not too steep slopes. The wind was very light but with occasional gusts, and the angry clouds building up North West of us, where the 100 to 120 km winds at Mt Hutt were blowing. Cut a long story short, we made a few trips up and down the hill from the car to the kite launching spot to get it right with kite sizes. Here is a video of our kiting session, sorry no fancy go pro videos, just stills and movies from our mobile phones. By 1530 we were both totally knackered, called it a day and drove back home. Was a great day out, looking forward to the next session. Regards, Norman and Zac.
  3. Mez

    Lest We Forget

    Remembering the ANZAC heroes of the First War. Lest We Forget
  4. SoutherlyBuster

    Salty Freshwater KiteSurf Landboard

    Kite surfing off the snow melt on a fresh water lake up in the Moutains of New Zealand at Lake Coleridge one day, kitesurfing/land boarding the smooth onshore winds at New Brighton Beach the next.
  5. Now that I live in the Canterbury region of New Zealand with close proximity to the snow country (1.5 to 2 hrs), my son and I would like to extend our land (landboards) and water (kite surfing) activities into the snow. Neither one of us have ever skied nor snow boarder before, but talking to people at work that snow board, reckon it will not take long for us to get the knack of it, considering our landboard, kite surfing and skate board experience. So I have some questions and seek advice to get off on the right foot ( well I'm standard and my son is goofy so go figure). First off is it feasible to combine snowboarding and kiting in the snow country near the Canterbury region, ie Broken River, Porters, Mount Hut etc. We live 20 minutes outside of Christchurch. Sure there is the Snow Farm way down South several hours away, but consider that a special treat and not a regular place to go to. More looking for suitable sites for a day trip over the weekend, rather than the once in a while long weekend or holiday trip. I am well aware that if we mix in the kites we have to keep away from the ski lifts. Then there is the question of steepness of terrain and suitable winds. I have heard some snow boarders use the speed parafoils at Broken River so am optimistically hoping kiting would be suitable there as well. As for the kiting gear, we fly only foils and have sizes ranging from 8m^2 to 18m^2, so we should be well placed on that front. It has been suggested to me from local snow boarders to go with the Burton Snow boards, boots and bindings as a complete system. Local store Torpedo7 was suggested. Any suggestions regarding type of board to consider which is also suitable for kiting would be appreciated. Regards, Norman
  6. SoutherlyBuster


    Here is a video highlighting the city I live and work in, Christchurch. Also features the Martin Aircraft Company.
  7. SoutherlyBuster

    Martin Jetpack

    The Martin Aircraft Company in Christchurch, New Zealand, has released their public viewing of the manned flight of their Jetpack on the local NZ news: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/exclusive-first-pictures-kiwi-jetpack-invention-lifts-off-for-maiden-flight?autoPlay=4620971541001 I was there as I am part of the Jetpack design team with the Martin Aircraft Company. What can I say "another day at the office" but kiwi style -- with adventure! If you look closely you should spot my wife Tricia in the crowd. Here is a shot of Zac in the demo And not to forget the cake
  8. SoutherlyBuster

    Weather Maps New Zealand

    What web sites do the kiters use in New Zealand? I am looking for similar functionality as the Austram BOM, current wind speed/direction, predicted and yearly historical data. So far I have found this http://metservice.com/towns-cities/christchurch/christchurch from the Met Service. Gives the current and predictions but no histerical data about wind speed and data. Or maybe I just have not found it yet. Was also hoping for a wind vector map predictor. Regards, Norman