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Found 3 results

  1. Hotham

    I just got home from 10days at Hotham with the kids. Anyone who knows Hotham knows the summit. This dude drops a board on the ground, pops a yakuza in the air and screams up the hill, scares piss out of all the people going down. Loved it. Who are you? You are freaking mad.
  2. Thought I'd upload some old kiteskiing pics from 2001 and 2003. The earlier ones are with skis and handles, yet I determined that bars and snowboards made much more sense. Kites were PL 5.7 Waterfoil (very early days) and PL 1120 ARC (way ahead of its time). I have some accompanying video though I need to wait a week for Vimeo to reset my quota (free account :-) ). Snowkiting is amazing, and Australia is the perfect place for it (undulating hills). From Scotts chair out to Mt McKay is my favorite spot. Close enough to be rescued (if needs be) yet far enough to enjoy the silence!
  3. Flysurfer Peak2 9m 2015

    Hi everyone, I am selling my near new 9m Flysurfer Peak2 (2015) with bar/lines and its sac (as pictured) and original spare parts. This is a single skin depower kite with a high aspect ratio that can fly in as little as 6 knots. It generates a large amount of power for its size as the kite is much flatter than regular foils (and inflatables, obviously). I bought this kite new in August 2015 from briskite ( http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1361 ) with the intention to use it as my light wind snow-kite and have used it on 3 different days at the back of Thredbo this season. I can confirm that one can go upwind and uphill (at the same time) below 10 knots. In the Australian back country, you can't just go back to you car to switch kite when the wind changes. Being small framed, I found myself quickly overpowered when the wind picks-up and I have settled for a smaller and less powerful kite. Reviews of this bad boy can be found here: http://www.hardwaterkiter.com/kite-and-gear-reviews/flysurfer-peak2-first-impressions http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue49/?page=139 The kite is in near new condition. Bought for AU$1199 (can provide receipt), selling for AU$900 plus postage. Pick-up and inspections available in Wollstonecraft or North Sydney (NSW).