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Found 9 results

  1. Kamikuza

    SOLD: Flysurfer Sonic-FR 18 SOLD

    Hardly used. No rips or repairs. Bridle is brand new (funny story) and I got new bar and lines (including 6m extensions) when I bought it from Specialist Kiteboarding in Oz. $1,800 incl. shipping.
  2. specialist_kiteboarding

    SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    Hi everyone, I have a number of items for sale, as follows. Happy to ship interstate at buyers expense (which is less than $50 via TNT or similar) Foil Kites Peak 1 9m - complete with bar and lines - $600, flown handful of times Unity 8m - complete - $600, moderate use, bar has some wear. Sonic FR - 11m - Complete - $1,500, personal kite, used for 1 season of club racing, no repairs LEI Kites Cronix 8m - Complete - $1,000, used a handful of times, no repairs BRM Cloud C2 17m - Kite only - $900, used 4 times, no repairs Boards Flydoor 5 XL (170cm) - $600, used a handful of times
  3. .Joel

    Flysurfer Sonic-FR 9M

    Flysurfer Sonic-FR 9M Depower Race Foil + Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Bar & Lines Bought brand new and flown about 20 - 25 times, awesome kite with a massive usable wind range. I've had the kite comfortably in 10 knots in the buggy, and screaming in 20-25 over 87km/h with 1 arm on the bar. The kite is incredibly versatile and usable, and has the least lift when powered up of all the depower race kites I've flown so far (R1, Diablo, Sonic-FR). Kite is in excellent condition. $900 + Post (Kite Only) $1200 + Post (Complete w/ Bar & Lines)
  4. The new Flysurfer Sonic Race has been released for 2017, this is Flysurfer's 3rd release for the Sonic series. I've put together a quick comparison chart based off the info on the Flysurfer website. First up for key noticeable differences however is that they've removed a whole row of bridles, instead of A B C Z bridling they're running A B Z. Next is the cell count, moved from 49 to 65 cells, and then the wingtips whilst still having a slight flat area look far more rounded. Overall weight is also down on the kites and they've introduced a 7M and 21M removing the 6M from the series. This year they're publishing suggested line lengths as well, ranging from 12M to 17M lengths in lines. Product Page: https://flysurfer.com/project/sonic-race/
  5. Northern Kites Australia

    Flysurfer Sonic FR II - coming soon!

    Yep it's coming. I don't know when, but I saw Marvin up here with a prototype. Very nice and very responsive. Cannot say anything more than that.
  6. specialist_kiteboarding

    Flysurfer Sonic FR 11m - Kite only

    Hi everyone, I have in stock another Flysurfer Sonic FR 11m. This one is kite only as the owner is upgrading to Sonic 2 and using the same bar set up. it's in great condition, only no damage. $1250 PM me if you are interested... James
  7. Goz

    SONIC Impressions

    Some low wind eye candy
  8. First decent length video of a Cross Kites Sonic race kite cruising in a Buggy that i've come across.
  9. specialist_kiteboarding

    Flysurfer Demo Day @ Leighton Beach, Oct 24

    Saturday October 24th from 1 - 4pm, Leighton Beach Come and see what all the hype is about, we will have Flysurfer Race and Freeride kites from 8m to 21m available for demo (including Sonic FR & Speed 4 Lotus, Boost & Cronix LEI). Technique workshops including launching, packdown, relaunch and self rescue will be run though out the day. This free event will be held north of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club / Bib & Tucker building. Make sure you call James now on 0403 134 186 for any additional information. (Bring your own board and harness, water & sunscreen provided.)