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Found 26 results

  1. gum-nuts

    Lake Lefroy Regatta

    The West Australian crew (yep all 3 of us!) are all heading to Lake Lefroy at the end of September for a long weekend of kite buggying and land yachting. There is a certain gentleman from Ballarat has said maybe, come a long and buggy in one of the best locations in the world...
  2. gum-nuts

    Perth Buggers...

    or should that say buggiers? Is there anybody out there who would like to meet up? I have a PL buggy and ozone flow and fly regularly on the salt lakes in Rockingham. I try to get down there most Sunday Mornings (weather and wind permitting) and can sometimes fly on a Saturday. If you are interested in meeting up give me ahoy! (PM me and I will let you have my contact details). Or if you fly elsewhere in the Perth area would love to try new places to fly! Cheers Mark
  3. gum-nuts

    Myalup Beach...

    At the weekend we were 4wd-ing on Preston Beach, some parts of which looked wide enough to buggy on... Looking on Google maps, a bit further south Myalup beach looked wider, maybe worth a look for some beach bugging...
  4. gum-nuts


    I'm thinking of heading to Esperance for new-year (29th - 3rd or 4th) camping somewhere and buggying. Anybody fancy a road trip?
  5. SparkieRob

    Are you curious about Revs?

    Gday all. A mate and I get together regularly to fly our Revs. If anyone is curious and wants to come and see what the attraction is shoot me a PM. Mostly we fly at Tom Bateman Reserve in Thornlie but have been out and about all over Perth. Edit: I'm too new to get PM's, just post here and I'll let you know.
  6. Hi All Just a reminder that the Lake Lefroy regatta will be on September 28-29 & 30. Last year the land sailing club kindly allowed me to compete with the Mini class yachts. This year there will be 2 buggies from Kambalda, it would be grate to see a few more drop in. For those who dont know Lake Lefroy is about 50km south of Kalgoorlie in WA https://www.google.com.au/maps?ll=-31.321967,121.742935&spn=0.321442,0.676346&t=h&dg=opt&z=11 Hundreds of square km's of the best hardest salt in Aus For more info see... http://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Land-Yacht-Sailing/Events-Competitions/Lake-Lefroy-Marathon-Weekendsept-282930/?page=-2#lastpost
  7. That's right, there is a kite festival in Floreat tomorrow, 3:30pm - 7pm. http://www.cambridge.wa.gov.au/Leisure/Events/Kite_Festival_2014 It is just a small community event, but rumour has it a couple of rev fliers will be turning up. There might not be room for buggies, but I might head along and put the small bug in the car just in case.
  8. filpee

    Perth Sport Kite Pilots

    Any Sport Kite Pilots residing in Perth interested in helping out a newbie? I'm north of the river but might be able to organize a drive to a more suitable location.
  9. I was just wondering if the winds are stronger / more consistent in the morning or afternoons during winter months ? yours trot
  10. This message is mainly for Gum nuts. Hi i'm Trot I haven't been down to the LW for a few years due to a major back injury . it's taken me five yrs to get back in to buggying . Last time i was a the lake there was no car park and only a small swing gate so you had to lift your buggie over the fence. I see on google maps things have changed a bit. Having read your page on Lake W i'm interested to know are the gates to the lake always open or do you still have to be a member of the land sailing club to use the area and gain access? any info you have would be bonzer. trot
  11. gum-nuts

    Lake Lefroy - Road trip

    This thread seems to have disappeared, so thought I would restart it as I am still hoping to get to Lake Lefroy in October. the thought was that we would coincide with the land yacht meet up. Chook - you still around? Do you have any idea of the dates and would us Perth Buggers be welcome? Mark
  12. Im making my way down the coast , if there are any buggiers out there let me know where you are and if i can ill call in, say gday and hopefully get a kite with you. If anyone knows good spots then let me know... Ive allready been to broome-cable beach (i was in buggy heaven), 80 mile beach was good too, i never got the wind in the right direction though, but i did find a good spot at the southern end of the beach (kape keraudren) it was a big tidal flat area and i think the wind would be good in any direction. (i didnt kite there cause im on my own and the wind was too strong, 30+ knots, its too easy to frack up in that kind of wind..) Leaving Karatha tomorow, thinking of going straight to exmouth.
  13. ilovemyvanmost

    How about some meet ups?

    Crikey, looks like theres a few buggers here now in Perth! About time I say, So when are we all gonna have a meet up?, Forgive me for being forward, but I reckon we need to get some races going, what say all you, Perth buggers?? Look forward to some replies!!
  14. DJ_Sylk

    Buggy Kambalda

    Just wondering if there is anyone else into buggying in Kambalda or Kalgoorlie? Looking for play mates
  15. Buzz

    Visitor from the east

    Hey guys. I'm visiting from brisbane for a few days and was hoping to go for a bit of a beach fly. Problem is I wouldn't have a clue where to go. Any suggestions? If anyone is going for a buggy today or tomorrow let me know. I'd love to meet up with some fellow kiters over here. Cheers, Buzz
  16. gum-nuts

    Buggies in Perth

    I have just got back into foil kites after a 4 and half year break! I now have a 5m Ozone Flow, in the past have tried land boarding without much luck (fine down hill, but couldn't get to grips with the kite and a board)! Took the kite to the salt lakes in Rockingham at the weekend and had a blast, would like to have a go in a buggy as am considering buying one, but would like to try before I buy! Anybody interested in meeting up? Anybody got a second hand bug for sale? Cheers
  17. Hi I am about to move to Perth with my Job from the UK in the next few weeks. I was just about to start some kite lessons as I want to start Kite Buggying - I would like to do all of this in Perth now, I have my own Kite but as the weather here has been that bad it is still in it's wrapper. Does anyone have any ideas where I could get started Thanks - Jeni
  18. Hi all, a very similar post to the one below, with the exception that i intend on kiteboarding WA instead of landboarding! I'll be there for 8 days, and i'll be hopefully kiting half of that (end of March to early April). So I'm about to launch into some preliminary research when i get the chance, but if anyone has some recommendations that would be fantastic. I'll be staying somewhere in the Perth CBD, possibly hiring a car. In the meantime, does anyone want to give me some pointers for these questions: * Where to kiteboard? Popular spots? Good spots? * What sort of weather & winds should i be expecting? I plan on taking 10.5m and 7m kites. * I'll buy a kite pump when i get there, unless someone has one going spare? * Other tourist-y things to do in WA? * Rottnest Island looks amazing, what can be done on the island? - Diving? (to see...wrecks?) - Snorkling? - Enough to stay on the island for a night? * I heard Lancelin was an amazing spot for windsurfing, does this apply to kiteboarding? I'll probably post back with more specific questions at some point Cheers! Sir L.
  19. ilovemyvanmost

    will be going out soon....perth.

    ok, so i know theres only about five people that buggy in perth, but that still does not dampen my enthusiasm, so if you have found any more sites or just want somebody to buggy with or if your just starting out and want to have a go, dont be shy and pm me, come on, you know you want to...
  20. I was recently in Broome and went to this beach called Cable Beach. It has the biggest tide differential I have ever seen. There is around 30 meters of soft sand @ high tide, but then the low tide comes and its 5 or 6 hundred meters of nice hard sand and a beach several kms long. I was very jealous and wished I had brought my kite and buggy, but if your looking for a good buggy spot, driving through broome, i recommend you check this beach out. There are probably alot of others that you locals know about better than this, but to someone from the east I just had to take photo's and share it.
  21. Extreme Kites Weather Forecasts Detailed Western Australia Wind & Weather Forecasts brought to you by Extreme Kites! * We have been working very hard to bring you a Weather System that is for Kiters, not Boaters, Blokarters, Pole Dancers, sorry I meant Windsurfers, etc. This is a Weather System built by kiters for kiters with one thing in mind, to tell us when it's the best time to trek out of the house and go kiting! * Feedback is important! We can't stress this enough, we have built what we could with four hands and a few people around the country testing it, however there's no time like the present so if you see something that looks quirky, or something you would like improved then we want to hear it! We have setup a feedback form for the weather which you can use to send your feedback to us. As there's only two of us we can't read all the forums and posts all the time, so the best way to make sure we get your feedback is to use the feedback form for the weather. Here's a guide on how to read our Weather: How to read the Weather Here's some links for local Western Australia weather: Extreme Kites Wind & Weather Forecasts Western Australia Perth South West Coast WA Central North Coast WA North West Coast WA Broome WA
  22. 35 knot westerlies, game on. Me plus Tianui and whoever else is in the vicinity from 2-3pm. Come on down. Evan
  23. Australian Kiteboarding

    Where are all the W.A. Landboarders?

    Hey everyone, Am fairly new to landboarding (several months), and love it. It would be sweet to catch up with some locals to board with and to try and find some nice terrain. My ability is pretty basic, just riding around at moderate speeds, nice carves and ollies to switch and am just getting into jumping. I've been riding South Perth foreshore, Carine Open Space, Pinnaroo Car park, Hillarys Car park, and have been eyeing off the Whitfords boat ramp and car parking area. Drop me a reply, it'd be great to ride with someone else. I feel like a freak! Good winds, Darren
  24. Mbnmac

    Perth Dec 2-7

    Well, as some may know I'm on my way to NZ, but will be stopping in Perth for a week at the start of dec (2 weeks) I was wondering if anybody there would fancy a meet up (we'll be at the beach for at least one day, but no idea if we can stick to a specific date) for a fly? Only problem is, I won't be able to get my own kites out, simply due to not wanting to have to clean them all over again for the trip on to NZ (customs be tight, and I don't want to pay any more then I have to ) So anybody willing to lend some gear to for a little while would be awesome, either way it'd be col to meet some people on the beach and get a little filming done. -Martin