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Found 1 result

  1. SoutherlyBuster

    Skate board pumping

    So for all those science nerds out there that also skate board and or surf board, and others that just like cool stuff, here is an interesting video on the science of pumping on a skate board. How to generate net forward motion on a flat horizontal (no slope) with a skate board, no motor, no pushing off with your foot, just by shifting your weight and travelling in a S shape— this is commonly called pumping on a skate board. I have looked at a lot of instructional videos about pumping and never had any real sucess with them. My son Zac is a natural and can do it well. Then I found by chance the video below explaining the science behind it — it is so simple. Should be able to apply the same technique to a surf board. Not sure if it would work during a light wind kite session since one is teathered to the kite, hmm will try it the next time heading out in the surf heading away from the shore to try and generate some extra speed. Regards, Norman