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Geez she admitted her mistake on camera. He's stuffed, he's got nowhere to go now. He he.:grin:

I drove up to a burning paddock (where a lady had been evacuated from the house down the driveway earlier) and there was an envelope pushed through the mesh of the gate right next to the lock securing the closed gate.

The note explained the envelope contained the key for the lock on the gate.

Humour always makes me feel better and I chuckled to myself all the way down the driveway. We saved the house and sheds.  It's unreal how people react under pressure.

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3 hours ago, .Joel said:

@rednblackmatuka mentioned his boat.... :rofl: 


Some things were just not meant to be in the water. Just love the miss guiden mind set, press that accelerator pedal just some more to get out of trouble, err um more like dig deeper. Like the guy with his 4wd drive jeep getting boged at Altona years ago, in the end the police and tow truck arrived.

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That was fantastic @Chook Had to laugh (a little bit more) when i heard the car alarm go off in the background when Thomas the Tank Engine did his thing!

What is it with you Western Australian's?? You're all engineers with big garages and projects!

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