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Multi-Rotor Thread

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Well, the thing flys amazing. It's so well balanced and responsive it's crazy, had it in rate mode the whole time and it's just completely manageable before switching to attitude/self level. It's also damn quick, i'll have to get some video of it in action this weekend.

Until then, here's a video from FPV Roo :good: Awsome footage in 15 to 25 knots.

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Perhaps your next build needs a buzzer attached which gets activated when your controller is no longer sending a signal out.


Love the pictures.

Funny when I looked at the above photograph I wondered whether there are any hills for some down hill action. Then I see further to the NE some nice contours, then spot Lesterfield, right no wonder this is one of the top Mountain Bike spots. Will have to visit this some time with the landboard. I know it's offtopic, sort of related -- the interesting things you see from Multi-Rotor CAMS --- right back on subject. :D

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Single rotor and glide:



and if you squint your eyes ...


his glider with electric motor in flight. Just took these with my mobile phone this morning, so not the greatest quality but the quality of the flight was superperb.

WIth two lipo batteries he managed at least two hours of flight time. Electric to take it to height, turn off and glide down, turn motor back on again and have another go.


Norman and Zachary.

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