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Looking for ancient SA kiters...

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And I do mean ancient!


I haven't done much kiting since the World Cup back in 1995, you could call me one of the victims of what happened around it (although I thought I did a pretty good job as Field Director), but I'm heading over to Adelaide next weekend for Skatetacular, and I thought I'd try and track down some of the old mob.


Of course, once I start looking, I can't find any one! I found out that the AKFA fly day is today, so I've missed that!


Anne-Marie's sold the shop, Arista has done a(nother) disappearing act, and the rest are just first names, or nick names - Woody, Grant, and so on.


On the off-chance that there might be some hanging around who recall the old days, I thought I'd bung a message up here.


Oh, I'm Gary Schmidt, if that rings any bells, I used to fly various kites made by Highly Strung (what used to be here in Melbourne) (and if that doesn't age me, what will?!?!?), and a few other bits and pieces.


So, are there any left?



Gary B-)

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Allison? If she used to service photocopiers back in the dim-and-dark, say "Hi" to her from me!

Skatetacular has been and gone, and so have I - if I make it back there next year I'll start the tracking-down a bit earlier!

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      any idea on dates yet, just bought a camper-trailer so maybe able to convince the wife on a family roadtrip ?
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      Yes its on again!!!
      Same place for those who have been before.
      Informatiion can be found at:
      Entry forms, accomodation choices and rules if you want to enter any of the comps.
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