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League of Silent Flight

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Thought I would start up a thread for the silent league of flight for the RC gliders.

Any way, Zac and I had a great time over the weekend at Truganina Park. Had great winds for the new Wicked Wing, could just about slope soar as long as one liked, battery power was never a problem, only pilot skill (me, though Zac is a lot better) and wind are now the determining factors.

Here's a short video of the Sunday session.

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That's darned fast, Mach 0.55 (0.55 times the speed of sound) and with no motor. Did some reading up on Dynamic soaring, the Albatross uses this technique to fly large distances without flapping their wings (just steer) and can go upwind.

I saw a similar video, might even have been the same place, the pilots or was it the on lookers were cowered behind this rock wall. No wonder considering the speed those gliders are going at.

Would be interesting to know what wind speed they needed for that 35 kg glider to take off.

Some more digging:

here is the maiden flight of the ThunderMaster:

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Wonder how many pilots were sconned on the head before they realized they needed helmets to fly RC planes?

The flying wings well at least the Wicked Wings Zac and I fly are on the heavy side and fly quite fast, so you do have to watch out when things go pear shaped. When Zac and I fly, if we call out "heads", it means watch out, plane maybe coming your way. Zac was getting a bit carried away the other day and wacked me in the wrist with a landing that well was a tad close, has quite a smack to it.

We have also decided to put combat fly to the side for the moment, on one occation the planes met in mid air (on purpose), the impact caused one of the batteries to fall out, luckily we found it in the long grass, plane and pilots came out without damage.

We've only flown on our slope soaring site with a maximum of four pilots, so we can still keep all the planes and pilots in sight/in mind to avoid collisions, but the opening video with what 20 pilots or so, I can definitely see the advantage of full face helmets.

If you're considering combat with the Hobby King Wicked Wings, you will need to do some undocumented mods to keep the batteries in, perhaps a velcro strap and not just glued in but mechanically locked in. It's surprising what high G forces these wings take without breaking.

Recently we have been experimenting with a high start cable. Hobby King now offer bungee cords in the Australian warehouse, so we got one for 10$ and attached some 30kg (ultimate strength) fishing line to it. Some rip stop nylon as marker and drag device added to the ring at the plane end of the line. We added a detachable tow hook on the plane just fore of the battery compartment. The tow hook is just a wooden plate with a hook glued in, plus two holes on the plate to thread a string through which is secured to the plane. Works fine but the flight is not that long, the Wicked Wings are too heavy, better suited to slope soaring.

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Zac has a new discus launch glider (DLG), very light:




It's a BirdPlane. Should be able to see it in action today, only arrived yesterday. Build quality looks great.

Here are it's specs:


Wingspan: 800mm

Length: 480mm

Wing Area: 14.6dm²

Flying Weight: 125g

Servo: 2 x 3.5g micro

Back to the Wicked Wings,

had a great slope soaring and bungee launch session last weekend, here is a video of the highlights. Rick and Mick also turned up for some slope soaring with their lasted aquisition, some small tailess aircraft ($20 -- what a bargin).

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The infection is spreading further, Clive has some gliders as well now.


Getting ready at Truganina Park car park. Clive with his two brand new gliders, Zac and I brought our Bixlers along and Zac with his DLG Bird Plane.


Clive getting his birds ready for first flight.


Zac maidening Clive's new planes, sorting out the balance and trims. Now Clive, this is how you land the plane says Zac. Clive, err umm what?


Clive's 2m wing span.


Off she goes, first flight.


Coming in for a landing.

Zac and I flew Clive's two gliders first. Nice planes, Clive made some good choices. The Pheonix 1.5m, nice and steady, though could do with a bit more aileron throw, but perfect to leave as is for Clive. The larger 2m, a lot more sensitive on the ailerons and a terrific lift to glide ratio.

Then it was Clive's turn to fly, actually he did rather well for his first flight, no crashes. It was a perfect day for his first flights, very calm weather.


Zac then brought out his Discus Lauch Glider (DLG) Bird Plane.


With some body rotations ....


and some air from both the pilot and the plane.

Top day.

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Good fun day, Zac certainly has the required skills, what's not shown is Zac doing inverted loops and flying around upside down with dives and stall spins. At least I didn't crash, trug is a top spot for flying with the flats below devoid of trees, powerlines and people.

Thanks Zac for testing and setting trims etc.

Thanks norm for bringing the test pilot along :D

As for a site close to me image_2014-06-01_21:49.jpg

Here's the topography


Well over 100m drop into the valley straight in front of you, so launch into beautiful views, park your butt on the hill and enjoy, be good for calm days, and in summer the dark areas should give some thermal action.

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Getting some extra RC Glider flights in Clive?

Zac and I did a bit of exploring last weekend for slope soaring spots. Northerlies were blowing so Truganina Park was no good. Clifton Springs sounded interesting, but the wind was blowing NE there, so not quite right. So ventured further around to Port Arlington -- perfect. There was little cliff line about 200 m long and high enough for some up lift. The take off was a bit scarry, thorny bushes just below and 20 meters further out rock and water, so it was a case of fly or plonk or rip tear bust. Sea birds were doing fine, so we thought we could do the same. The wind was coming straight off the bay, was pretty cold. Wind was very smooth and turned out to be a top slope soaring spot, managed to get the planes at least 80 above sea level. Zac is doing the video this time, not quite ready yet, but here are some stills I took:




WickedWings turned out to be pretty tough, had one unexpected landing where it contacted a wire fence, just knocked same tape off which was fixed in under a minute.


Norman and Zac.

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Not doing much flying at the moment, not doing much of anything to be honest..... Working, fixing stuff around the house etc etc.

Would be nice to have a fly, but gale force winds don't help.

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I've put together some clips that Zac and I took whilst at Port Arlington for some fast paced slope soaring in 20 to 25 knots. Plenty of barrel rolls and even some take outs what a fence post "moved" infront of Zac's wing -- nothing a bit of sticky tape couldn't fix. Turn on the volume and enjoy.

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Here's some more slope soaring action from Zac and I at Cliffton Springs from last Sunday. Dead onshore steady winds, great day out. Zac put the video together and skillfully synchronised the music and action. We've been eyeing out this location for some time now, but until last Sunday the winds weren't quite right.

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Zac's reply:

My whole plan with this video was to make it very artistic and try out some new editing techniques. I thought using some unique camera angles and that really spiced up the video. Also things like adding in the rusty looking sculpture and using the old pier was a turn from the constant plane footage. Hopefully next time you'll see some crazy acrobatics or maybe even some FPV footage...

Thanks for the comment Clive, being artistic was exactly what I intended! :D

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Having a look at one of my favourite Slope Soaring Aircraft web sites, North Country Flying Machines (USA based), I see all the planes are on hold, hmm what's going on here. So I look a bit closer on their news section, ah, there's the reason

Manilla Slope Fest

They have headed off to Australia for their annual pilgramig to the Manill Slope Fest in NSW.

Here's a link:


These people are into paragliding but also host this annual RC slope soaring event. Looks like a top spot.

Here's the google location:


Has any one been there? Last time I was any where near there was at Mount Kaputar back in the 1970's to 1980's. Has any one flown there, Chook?



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