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On 11/22/2018 at 9:11 AM, Chook said:

Ha ha, just logged on at a fluky time mate.

Pure luck as they had been listed for only 7 minutes.:dance: Angela who owned them was stunned too. She was great as there were over 20 phone calls she said.

Cost $67.50 for the bubble wrap and postage from Sydney, but still a good deal for a 4 stack of new 6 footers in their bag.


So what stunt kites did you get?



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9 hours ago, Chook said:

4 stack of 6' Flexifoil Powerkites.

A 6' version of these. (These are a 10' stack.)



Sounds like a buggy engine to me brm brm ... post some pics  as you run down the salt pan with them. You’ve got a bit of kiting history there, good buy.

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My first "buy" from Gumtree and this week I will obtain an un-used Prism Nexus Stunt kite. Couldn't say no to the $10 price tag! Thank You @Bill who will "do the deal" for me (might not be un-used by the time it gets to me - go on...have a fly)

:round-thumbs-up: Proper Job! 

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11 hours ago, andy666 said:

Here is a good one for someone that has cash they want to burn.

Hobbs/McConaghy h-bomb “carbon” buggy for $3000!!? :eek: 


LOL. Yeah I saw that and thought..... hmmm does it come with solar panels and motor for when the wind dies? :dance:

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