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Blue Testies @ Speed Week 2014

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Well we had a good time!!

Kathleen, Alexander and myself have had a great long weekend!

Saturday was a fizzer, with the wind down the beach, but it didn't stop the crazy one (Rob) going for a high speed run and hitting 89kph!! :eek:

Sunday was less wind, but more onshore, speeds were a little slower, with Rob only getting 80kph, Chris got 84kph, and I snuck in an 86kph.

Some went to the Foster market (Sunday) and got some yummy food, fresh baked goodies and salt and pepper calamari!! :clapping:

None was saved for me. Kathleen claims that Alexander ate my share.

Sunday dinner was a usual Joel BBQ, awesome!! :D

Monday was very light winds and it ended up blowing almost straight down the beach, but it did allow us all to have some light wind fun on the main beach.

The light winds were a good test for our newer pilots, including my little man who needed to go with daddy in the buggy.

I had the tandem out, and gave some rides and a lesson or two.

Wind today was North Easterly, so we all came home.

Overall a fun weekend with good company. :good:

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Zac and I had a ball. Sunday was the best day of them all. Got up 6am for breakie then for some slope soaring with the RC Gliders just west of the surf life saving club house. The winds were mental. Zac took some video footage, will have to wait for it to be edited. Came back to HQ for some lunch, then headed to the main beach for kiting with the landboards, didn't quite make it down to the Inlet. Then in the afternoon as the tide came up some, Grace was kind enough to take Zac, Jason and myself off to Waratah Bay for kite surfing down winder back to the main beach. That was a ripper session and was Zac's first kite surf in the waves, he had a grin for ear to ear, then the questions came in, so how's the surf at 13th beach. He's hooked now :D .

Had some nice light wind sessions on Monday, 6 knot cross on shore and managed 37 km/hr on the DirtSurfer, not bad I thought.

Last day on Tuesday, only light NE about 7-8 knots at the inlet around 11:30 or so, surf was almost flat on the main beach, so decided to head home. The Northerlies were blowing quite a bit stronger back in Melbourne. Looking at the BOM Sandy Point didn't get much better than 7-8 knots, did any one stay back, what did the winds turn out to be?

Thanks Joel and Melissa for the great feast on Sunday.


Norman and Zac.

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Big thanks to Joel & Mel for the excellent BBQ night :good: A few photos from the BBQ and and very relaxing Tuesday afternoon on the inlet with Rob and Mick cruising round in the buggys and Doug, Mary and myself taking turns in Mary's Blokart - thanks Mezz. Rob remarked later how smooth the inlet was - well, relative to how it usually is!! We hung around hoping the forecast was going to hold for Wednesday, but alas, it was cross onshore and bitterly cold.







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Forgot to add:

A big plug to Fix my kite and Briskites for the door prizes!! :clapping::good:

I've got a nice Briskites voucher, so some new rims will be on order.

Might fix my super unbalanced wheel issue.

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I was the last man standing at Sandy Point today.

A warm day with the usual west wind rolling down the beach. At 3.00pm, the tide was on its way out and the wind was onshore.

Using a 4m Jojo, I could go from the Point to a spot just short of Waratah. No tacking!!

Sunshine, a wide beach, almost no people. That's the day we hoped for all week.

After 2 hours, the wind dropped, so I switched to a 6.7 Century 2 and continued on for another 1 1/2 hours. When I left the beach, it was still workable.

Best buggy day for me for a long time.


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I think this was one of my best speed weeks, its all about the adrenalin for me, super fast speed runs 2 days in a row and a new PB 89.8 kmh - WOOHOO!post-6932-14336635295984_thumb.jpg


Also a big thanks to Joel for organising the meet and to "Fix My Kite" for the voucher, im stocking up on repair gear cause im allways breaking shit..

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I think this was one of my best speed weeks, its all about the adrenalin for me

It seems it takes more adrenaline to make you happy than the rest of us, we all left the beach just as you were getting started. (35 knots straight down the beach will do that)

Funny that one person can think its the best day, and the rest of us put it as a dud.

You're a legend rob.

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