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On 6 januari 2018 at 12:18 PM, nigel said:

Welcome @djeridoux  (Jerome) :good:

Not sure there is anyone who can help.

Australia is far removed from the kite buggy racing scene, and there are no races done in this country.

The most common de-power race kites here are the Flysurfers and the Ozones, but there are not many around used in buggies  (most are used by the Hydrofoil riders). 

Information on the HQ Zeekai is limited and I know of no users here in Australia.

I would expect that if you find the HQ dealer in Europe, they should be able to answer your questions better than we can.

Good luck. :drinks:

In Europe there aren't any/much kitebuggyers using the Zeekai in competition either, I think the kite is better suited for snowkiting/MTB and other freestyle stuff, I believe it's not as fast as a proper racekite like the R1/Diablo/Aero etc, less stable because it's an open cell kite, I am not very enthusiastic about it. Onlyn seen it once during an event, friend tried it in high winds, wasn't very enthusiastic either... we where curious before that because of the relative low price en the guys from HQ where bragging about it's speed... never really looked at them after that. Not really what you wanted to hear I guess, sorry 🙈

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    • By andy666
      HQ Jive 2 stunt kite.
      Excellent condition. It's had maybe 10hrs of use and had been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 yrs not being used.
      Perfect introduction to 2 line stunt kites. 
      Comes with bag, instruction manual, extra tail weight, ground stake and 2 sets of lines. From memory both sets are 90lb lines, but different lengths.
      Let's say $75 including postage within Australia. SOLD

    • By Jo Baker
      2 HQ Beamer Power Kites.  Brand new  in backpacks  with Lines and handles and instructions.   These kites are older style   have been in storage .   i  is  5 meter  Blue and white  other one is 3.6 meter and yellow with some red.    They are located in Frankston Vic.      5 m  $ 175    3.6m  $ 150   or $ 300 for both. 

    • By wolfie

      I had the Montana 5 7m2 depower kite from Jason at Briskites for a bit to try as i am looking at getting a depower to fit in between my 4m2 and 7m2 kites ,so Jas offered me the Montana and i said well I'd do a review so here goes.
      First thing is the bag it comes in a backpack nice and strong with no real gimik like zips or unwanted bits very usable so I thought.
      Next was the kite it self and when I opened the bag the quality looks good as like all new kites .When you get to open them for the first time it is quit fun . Getting to feel the crispness of the material and the stiffness of the lines once opened was great very easy even for a relative newby to depower to put together. The lines and bar are easy enough to sort out especially with WRONG SIDE on it (lol for us dummies) so it went well, and I like the new chicken loop on this kite ,as I have had a fly of the m IV and they have improved it from the IV Montana.
      The ground stake is good too hooked it all up then did another walkover to make sure I had got it all right using the instructions as best as I could , (then asked someone who knew ) and got the thumbs up . So the next thing was to launch her for a static fly first to get a feel, first time wind was a bit on the light side but felt good turned well for a big kite, so I thought and felt like it was building power through the window so did a few turns up and down to see if it and I worked well, The power did not feel to bad and I was quite surprised at how well it flew. In saying that it was about 10 to 12 knts which is at the bottom end of its range, so to even get going for a first timer was good one thing I did notice was if I pulled a bit of Depower it flew better . The wind only picked up slightly so was unable to get it going much better and ended up pulling the pin and going home.
      It was another week before I was able to get out again and the wind was a bit better, we had about 12 to 17 knts so the kite was a bit more agile and this helped launch and landing was easy as pulling on the strap on the break lines, and the kite just settled down, Relaunch was just as easy too and I had a lot of fun in the buggy it was a lot better and with some luck the wind did come up and help in this. 
      In the buggy the kite felt very nice and the control was good bar pressure was light’ish (so I thought ) and I did not have any problems the bar is 50cm on the 7 so I did not find it a problem either all in all I found the kite to be very good and had a lot of fun with it.
      It does feel a little lifty which for those who like to jump will like this a lot for me i just liked the way it handled and kept in the right place was not a problem but take your eyes of her and put it in the wrong place and you could go sky ward.
      It was very stable in stronger winds that I had the next day and I was able to us the depower more as the wind had picked up to around 20 knts gusting to 23 so I had a better run and liked the kite a lot.
      The overall sideways pull was controlable and the feeling of sliding my bug with the kite was awesome the 7 did not tend to pull sideways as more over it translated into forward movement As an overall package it is a great kite and I am inclined to seriously look at a 9.5 V as this would fit where I would like the size to be and with where I fly ,I would still like to get my hands on a M5 9.5 for a try as I’ve flown the MIV to compare. 
      Regards mike