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Peter Lynn has been hard at work developing single skin, single line kites. He has a couple now which he has licensed out for other people to produce.


This one looks very nice - the Boomer, a 2.5sq.m 7 cell made and sold by John and Irene Tan in Singapore, fionareen@yahoo.com.sg


It evidently has 3x the pull of an equivalent ram air foil... could be a good line laundry anchor.


According to Peter, they fly at a higher angle than a similar ram air foil and the Boomer's wind range is 8 km/hr to 40 km/hr.




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I saw a number of these being used as pilots for large line junk at the Sanur Beach International festival last month and the Borneo Festival at the beginning of this month.

They pull hard in comparison to a standard PL pilot - no problems lifting weight.  They are reasonably steady most of the time, especially in smooth wind.  HOWEVER... when they tip over (and they do occasionally in gusty wind), they head straight for the ground, powered up, with no hint of recovery.  I would NOT recommend anyone attach precious cargo to the line on one of these :-(

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If only I had more time to try things out! It looks very much like a NPW with keels and a flapping TE ;) Now didn't I see someone try NPWs with keels?


There is a way to adapt an NPW to single line / self steer, that maybe a thought for the summer as I have a piece of line laundry I made a while ago and only flew it off a flagpole!

If I hadn't had material left over I may never have built a kite!


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