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    • By gum-nuts
      or should that say buggiers?
      Is there anybody out there who would like to meet up? I have a PL buggy and ozone flow and fly regularly on the salt lakes in Rockingham. I try to get down there most Sunday Mornings (weather and wind permitting) and can sometimes fly on a Saturday. If you are interested in meeting up give me ahoy! (PM me and I will let you have my contact details).
      Or if you fly elsewhere in the Perth area would love to try new places to fly!
    • By sir lancelot
      Hi all, a very similar post to the one below, with the exception that i intend on kiteboarding WA instead of landboarding! I'll be there for 8 days, and i'll be hopefully kiting half of that (end of March to early April). So I'm about to launch into some preliminary research when i get the chance, but if anyone has some recommendations that would be fantastic. I'll be staying somewhere in the Perth CBD, possibly hiring a car. In the meantime, does anyone want to give me some pointers for these questions:
      * Where to kiteboard? Popular spots? Good spots?
      * What sort of weather & winds should i be expecting? I plan on taking 10.5m and 7m kites.
      * I'll buy a kite pump when i get there, unless someone has one going spare?
      * Other tourist-y things to do in WA?
      * Rottnest Island looks amazing, what can be done on the island?
      - Diving? (to see...wrecks?)
      - Snorkling?
      - Enough to stay on the island for a night?
      * I heard Lancelin was an amazing spot for windsurfing, does this apply to kiteboarding?
      I'll probably post back with more specific questions at some point
      Sir L.
    • By .Joel
      Hi All,
      Planning an end of year trip to WA, hoping to go in peak season just after New Year. Have spoken with a number of shops I'll be visiting over there, so there will be alot of driving etc.
      However, looking for somewhere general to stay, that's fairly central. Sydney was easy, just picked the harbour bridge However the only area I know of in WA is a memorial site that has some relatives sleeping there. So any suggestions would be great.
      I'm driving all over the place during my week there, so somewhere with Beach + Shopping (CBD style if possible) and nearby to any places of interest to stay would be good. Just looking for geographical info.