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Lake Lefroy Regatta

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3 hours ago, jhn.holgate said:

Holy smokes, you got to 90kph in 12 knots??  Wow.

John it was pretty light. On my hand held wind meter it was only reading 10 with gusts to 12. The closest data is from Kalgoorlie (See about midday yesterday) and the boys at Lefroy said it wasn't any stronger. 

The nice thing with Lefroy is it's as smooth as glass (and as hard). As your apparent wind builds there is 500 square kilometers to gently ease down wind as your ground speed increases. It's a hoot.

Cooper was struggling at times to get going on his sailboard in the breeze we had.

Greg is experimenting with the ply sides on his yacht to do some more streamlining before going carbon.



Yes @gum-nuts she is a little princess and I've fallen in love with her mate.:isohappy:

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4 hours ago, andy666 said:

Bloody hell Chook. There really is zero rolling resistance on the salt. 90kmh in 12 knots is incredible! Imagine how fast you would of gone with the 11m ;) 

Only 75.3 kmh Andy as the back end of the buggy kept trying to over take me as soon as the apparent wind started to get hold. Changed down to the 7 and it was tough going to launch and then build speed, (the buggy was well balanced with the 7) had to sign hell out of it but once it got above 60 odd it started cranking. Lots of room to ease down wind and keep it building for 3 or 4 kilometers (actually as far as I liked).:dance3:

Greg and myself Lake Lefroy 4-6-16.jpg

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Had a great time Andy. I took Vic's class 3 for a spin in 9 knots of wind and cracked 102.1kmh.:eek: These baby's boogie!!!!

The lake is in the best nic that I have ever seen it. Absolutely flawless. Glass topped to the horizon.

I was lucky and took out the class 5 title (with 6 wins from 6 starts) for the 3rd year in a row.:grin:


Charlotte was also a competitor in a few class 5 races and is a force to be reckoned with, as she is so light weight and low wind suits her.

Racing speeds this year were around 83 kmh and I topped out once at 97kmh on a broad reach. Winds were mostly around the 8 and up to 18 knots in the afternoons.

Mornings were a bit fresh and the last 2 morning we had ice in the billy when we got up.


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On 28/09/2016 at 9:04 AM, andy666 said:

thats incredible though that they can build that kind of apparent wind and speed. 

It blows your mind Andy. If you can feel any sort of breeze on your face as long as I can paddle the rear wheels to 12 kmh on the GPS I'm off sailing. As the apparent wind builds you keep easing down wind and keep increasing your ground speed. Lots of area and a smooth surface equals high speeds. Many times we could coast 1 or 2 kilometers directly downwind after turning from a broad reach of 90kmh plus before having to tack. 







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Been back to Lake Lefroy a couple of times in the last month pole dancing.

Great surface and plenty of room to play.

Had a thunderstorm go through just after I got there yesterday and this guy nailed a shot from the club shelter.

You know their close when your carbon mast starts humming with static and there is an arc discharging across the mast join halfway up on Bryans yacht.22467460_10208104623412202_1910713731660633353_o.thumb.jpg.92736e4d0902ddf5c56bba8e88a1bafb.jpg

15mm of rain and back sailing an hour later when the wind drove the water away. The surface is like glass all over.


"BUGGER"    Pretty sticky on the edges though when I was packing up for the 31/2 hour trip home.22448344_900918136734894_5536238446493639702_n.jpg.619cd07d9421b3d3aa95e84f7a523138.jpg

Had 3mm rain a month ago when I was there as well and looked fantastic. My yacht on it's side to the left. Didn't stop the sailing as it's rock hard under 3mm of water.


This is a replica of a 1907 Bleriot land yacht I built the sail for.


Great mirror images.



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