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Lake Lefroy Regatta

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The West Australian crew (yep all 3 of us!) are all heading to Lake Lefroy at the end of September for a long weekend of kite buggying and land yachting.

There is a certain gentleman from Ballarat has said maybe, come a long and buggy in one of the best locations in the world...

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2600km....:eek: that's going to be a decent drive. There and back will be $800 of diesel.  Ok, I won't be able to confirm that till a lot closer to the event but if I can afford to, and the conditions are good then I'll be in.  2WD ok to get into the camping area?  And would I be right in expecting that there are no facilities at the camp ground, so bring everything?

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Ok Mark made some enquires, so I will post this so everyone is in the link.:derisive:.

Access to Lake Lefroy is 11.5 kms North of Widgiemooltha, turning onto the haul road to the sand pit. Or if coming from Coolgardie or Kalgoorlie its 9 kms south of the Coolgardie/Esperance Hwy and Goldfields Hwy intersection and then it's 8 kms in from the bitumen, on a formed up gravel public haul road (that they cart sand to Kalgoorlie on for cement) and then all the way out onto the lake. It was originally for truck access to the lake to cart salt. So you can get to the salt/camping areas in your family rice burner. Absolutely no 4 wheel drive needed here.  You can drive a car around most of the salt ponds and out beside the main lake as well to set gear up for the day. There are turn around points all along the causeways.


There is a huge camping area of about 25 acres in natural bush with a bit of shade (if your early) so you will have plenty of room down the roads that lead away from the club shelter. It's first in best dressed for position.

There are two chemical toilets and a double shower block to use. You need to bring all your own hot water to shower and also clean gear with.

The shelter below has a big wood fired barby for cooking and warmth. I use a camping solar bag shower and that works well in the sun each day.


Solar power is great and gensets are ok, but must be turned off after 10pm and there is a tariff of $10 dollars to run a genset over the weekend. This money is donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Kalgoorlie.

A pump up garden sprayer is what I use to clean my gear, to wash the salt off as it's really corrosive. The water on the lake is 22 times as salty as the sea, so doesn't take long to corrode gear.

There is a Service station, a pub and most amenities about 30 kms away in the town of Kambalda.

To the south Widgiemooltha is about 20kms away with a pub and bugger all else. 

p5230020.thumb.jpg.c8c1da4b1f1a877decd06Kalgoorlie is the closest medical centre 110 kms away. A weekend membership was only $10 last year? plus registration (I think it was $20 per class) for each event you enter for. This covers public risk insurance only if I remember correctly.

It needs to be on your bucket list as the surface is usually one that has to be "run" on to be believed.

Hope that helps.


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I should be fairly comfortable...


100 litres of water, 12v battery system, 3 way fridge and inner sprung mattress. Going to get a solar shower - I've always wanted one! Have a small genny which I may chuck in, just in case!

The buggy and kites will go in the back of the ute...


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That's looking FAR too civilized Mark!

Thanks for the info, Chook. 

I agree.......... 5 star in the bush that's Glamping isn't it????:eek:

Below is my humble abode for the 5 nights I'm there. If it's not comfortable I just keep adding rum.B)

My pup tent on the right beside my tray back troll and car trailer. This is looking from the camping area out to the lake. Club shelter is opposite the white dual cab in centre of photo.


Here from on the small dune opposite the shelter looking back towards the entry road.


See the curved black rubber wheel tracks? This is where I had a huge crash in my yacht at 83kmh when struck with gale force winds just before a thunder storm. The new yacht on it's maiden voyage wasn't well and I had to start on the rum to activate my healing. I was only practicing/testing  on the Thursday arvo.

Like I said it is perfect concrete. Rainfall doesn't usually stop play as the lake is so large that the wind blows the water away over the other side. We have always found a play area even after 40mm of rain. The added bonus is there are no blowflies out on the lake to annoy you. Make sure you bring your sunscreen though.

It is the largest "whitest" surface on earth and all nations use it to calibrate the cameras on their satellites from space. (Snow covered areas have shadows.)


Back towards the ruins of the old salt processing works looking SE. There is an endless amount of area to camp. If you want to be a bit more private. It's  bush for miles around. 

P1010787 (1024x768).jpg

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Pitty Nigel's work closes for three weeks at Christmas and most of his leave or we would be very tempted to bring our camper over and join you.  It looks a fantastic spot.

Gumnuts your camper looks good -hope you are getting lots of use from it.

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I'm planning on arriving Friday arvo, depends how early I can get up in the morning, but don't usually have any trouble! And will leave Tuesday morning. 

Chook keep me a nice spot for the camper trailer.

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Hey John, its only 30 hours. we are keen if you are :)

i don't know i can get the time of work, but if i can, ill definitely go. if you want to make a trip with us is the commodore, back seat is comfy and you'll get cuddles from the dog.

what a perfect way to test out the camp trailer. jesus mark yours is huge ;) i can drive 30 hours straight, no wuckers.



(edit) i forgot to say, we can fit all your gear, and there would be space in the camper. not sure if scorpion proof, guess we will see.

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30 hours straight?? :Oh-shit: I couldn't do it!  The last time we drove across to Norseman and then down to Esperance, we stopped often and usually set up camp just before dusk.  I'm happy to do that drive again as I did enjoy it, just have to make sure I'm in a position to afford it.  From Ballarat, I'd try for Port Augusta, then Eucla then either Norseman or if I was feeling ok, up to LeFroy.  I'd need some extra time to look for Scorpions!  Thanks for the offer though!

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no worries mate, i am not entirely sure i can actually get the time off, but further talking with the household boss, and it would have to be a few days drive, she wishes to see all the lighthouses along the way.

it would be an excellent time to do some nullabor kiting though.

i have worked out fuel to be around 800-900 so an even thousand if eating noodles along the way.

A plane for us and the all the gear from melb to kalgoolie is around the same figure it seems. then there is a hire car to get to the salt mines.

I definitely want to do it. but have to raise funds and get time off. id really like to take 3 days + to drive each way.

Ill see what the gods say..... but if i don't do it this year, i might never :( however i won't give up on the idea.

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no worries mate, i am not entirely sure i can actually get the time off, but further talking with the household boss, and it would have to be a few days drive, she wishes to see all the lighthouses along the way.

That won't take up much time. Last one would be at Ceduna (don't think that's an old fashioned/traditional one either) and then it's all inland from there. It's a good drive and I've crossed the Nullarbor 53 times and loved it every time. Lots to see if your in no hurry. Anyone that says otherwise has never stopped to smell the roses so to speak.  

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i am really looking forward to it. we just picked up one of these..


and am very keen to give it a big run. hopefully it won't end up in tears. (john jarrett voice, you're a lucky girl)744281-john-jarratt.thumb.jpg.bb6108756e

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I am sure we have spent too much, however all the ones we looked at over the last few months, this is the one that stood out.

Two deep cycle 100ah batteries, with a 120w solar. runs a Primus fridge and the lights, 600w pure sine inverter to run the laptop and charge the go pro/iphones.

and the best bit, the blokarts, sails and kites fit under the bed, with the buggy lashed to the top. i won't have to have anything in my back seat or boot. !


i bought it, however it is Mary's toy really, she always fills the car with so much camping stuff. And as plummets guide .....

she gets the trailer, so i can have the Apexx. lol


It is being built in the Springvale factory head office and should be ready in about three weeks.the only trouble is that it may not fit on our regular spot at Waratah, so we will have to move to that larger site down where john parked.

it is mainly for kingston, but hopefully it will get us out more often for kite trips. i only see one snag though, and that is how to get it onto the beach at kingston. but ill cross that bridge when i come to it. the commodore doesn't like the sand :)

Oh and Kathleen, Nigel said you could have a blokart, as his poor lire is getting a little old. If you'd like, contact mary and she will happily give you a run in hers first.

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Mark, are you trying to put me off? At least the bed will be up off the ground.....(I tell myself that, trying to forget that scorpions can climb) 


Don't worry John may be there with his scorpion spotting flashlight! I've only ever seen one scorpion and my Dad found that behind one of the toilets in our house!

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