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Peter Betancourt Sport Kite

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This is Peter's website http://www.sportkite.com/

I purchased a few of these custom made kites, 2 of which I'll keep as I like them to decorate my home and to remind me of good times in the industry early days. This one is called "Vanishing Point" The kites is full size so around 2M wingspan, Icarex sailcloth, crossover active bridal, tapered graphite Avia G-Force frame, its a special low to medium wind sport kite, not built for modern tricking but can stall and axle, etc, nicely. I paid around $500USD for each of these kites back in approx 2002, but am realistic about selling them so I'm asking $175 + shipping, complete with bag.

This kite right at the moment has a broken lower leading edge spar which I have sourced and will fit with a spare. Ready to ship in approx 2 weeks ( I'm in china for a week or so, soon)




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