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    • By Tiger37
      My Sysmic S2 buggy is for sale. This is a great stable buggy in good condition. It has been washed with fresh water and sprayed with silicon spray after all beach rides, but predominantly used in-land on grass ovals. MidiXL tyres. Front wheel mud flap. The rear axle is removed quickly and easily with 4 bolts, enabling the buggy to be transported easily. It fits in the back of my Subaru Impreza hatch.  With my buggy, I am including a number of free items to allow somebody new to buggying to start immediately having learnt how to fly power kites. Included for free in the sale of this Sysmic Buggy will be: The Sysmic 80 litre kite bag which can be strapped to the rear of the buggy. A helmet (one of the 2 in the photo) A Flysurfer Peak 1 9m depower single skin kite. This kite has seen a fair bit of use but still flies well. There are a few repairs to the leading edge. It includes lines and the bar that came with the kite. It is in a small backpack which can be used as a harness. However!! See next  Size small ProLimit seat harness. Knee and elbow pads “Walk of Shame” Peter Lynn buggy tow rope. This is a real bargain. Happy to discuss with any prospective buyer. Be quick at the remarkable price of $450


    • By igeighty
      Kite Clearout.
      Hi Guys.
      I have some kite gear that is no longer used, and would hope that we could find a good home for it all. All gear is in A1 condition with no rips, tears or repairs.
      All gear is clean and stored with no mould or stains. Located in Melbourne Australia.
      Ozone method 6.5m kite only and bag
      Ozone method 5.0m kite only and bag
      Ozone method 4.0m kite only and bag
      Ozone method 3.0m kite only no bag
      Ozone Turbo Bar
      $900 for the set. I prefer these all go to one owner as a set. it would be like splitting up a family.
      Peter Lynn Viper 5.3 kite only (with bag) $225
      Purple, yellow, black, white
      Peter Lynn Viper 2.6 kite only (with bag) $200
      Red, Yellow, Orange, white
      Peter Lynn Comp XR+ $400
      Great condition, midi wheels on plastic hubs, wide front forks
      I am happy to arrange delivery to anywhere in the world. Prices negotiable.


      5.3m Viper.

      2.6m Viper (sand not included)
      XR+ Buggy

      Harness and Dog not included
      Best Regards,
    • By Jason
      Late model PL Buggy with all the upgrades done.
      Midi Wheels
      Siderail Pads
      Wide Axle
      20mm rear axle bolts
      Spray guard
      $620 including Freight