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HQ launches depower trainer

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The Rush V Pro School 300 is HQ's latest addition to their Rush range of kites.  But this ones an affordable depower.  Looking forwards to seeing some reviews of this.  I expect Briskites will have some info and pricing on them in the near future.



The Rush V Pro School is a simple, affordable and durable ram-air depower trainer. It is an ideal kiteboarding trainer for schools, operating and functioning the same as larger depower kites. The Rush School trainer is responsive, smooth and stable. The 3m size has just enough power to ensure beginners will be ready to progress to the next level. The Rush School works with a sheetable bar system, allowing an easy progression onto a larger depower kite after learning the basics.


  • complete package including 
    de-power control bar and chicken loop
  • flying lines already attached to the kite
  • easy handling - uncomplicated flight characteristics
  • wide useable wind range

And info here: http://www.powerkites.de/Products/Kites/Depower-Kites/Rush-V-pro-school.html


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      New Freeride foil kite from Flysurfer called the Soul.  Flysurfer continue to make some stunning looking kites, the Soul is available in 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M, 15M, 18M and 21M.  It's a bit more nimble than a Speed 5 and offers easier single line relaunch so you can relaunch the foil just like an LEI off the water by simply pulling a single steering line.
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      HQ Jive 2 stunt kite.
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