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Acoustic and live performances

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Personally I prefer live recordings of tracks, and if I find an album version of a song I like I immediately go on the hunt for a live, acoustic or unplugged recording. 

Share your favourite Acoustic & Live Performances of songs you enjoy here...


Guitar at the end of this one may just get @jhn.holgate jamming in his studio...


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Clive, brilliant piece of music. Was he using some sort of pluctrum, sorry don't know the technical term, one ones with a ring that you can sucure to your finger(s), because the sound was so sharp and crisp, don't sound like it came just from bare hands.


PS. Just listened to looper from John, great way to have a one man jam session. I have some rather old equipment, Logic before they went to Mac on a Win98 system, too often than not, I get caught up in the technical woos then loose all the inspiration ... keep plugging away though. On my wish list, Pro Logic on the Mac, lots of loop capabilites, design your own synths.

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Norm , as far as I'm aware just fingers, but he's fairly strong with the finger work, I've watched him play live and saw nothing then either,  he has broken a number of guitars, hes not gentle with them ( understatement) The guitars aren't cheap, fortunately he gets them for nothing, the neighbour used to be the factory floor manager for Maton, and myself and a friend got the guided tour through the whole process, he works for Cole Clark now. Apart from promoting their products he gives them a hard workout to make sure they are up to it. 

I have a DVD and its fingers only as far as I can tell.

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Not your usual rock musician........ He must have an amazing memory.


Q .Whats the difference between a rock guitarist  and a jazz guitarist 

A. A rock guitarist plays 3 chords to thousands of people, a jazz guitarist plays 1000s of chords to 3 people.


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They're good, I think they nail Smooth Criminal really well. Budget is blown by a factor of 2, no 2cellos at our reception :D 

Here's Sam Westphalen, if you listen to Tool you'll really enjoy his cover of Lateralus.  Otherwise for something that more people may of heard, here's MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This.



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Hey guys - what music do you like?

Mine are in this order:

  • Pink Floyd
  • Gipsy Kings (Los Reyes)
  • Manitas de Plata
  • Jean Michel Jarre
  • Queen
  • Roger Waters
  • Most flamenco guitar (Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, etc)
  • Sade
  • Jazz
  • Soul & Funk
  • Acid Jazz

What I don't listen to are: metal, pop, top-40, and hip-hop


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