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Another Zebra Kite Buggy...

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We've got another Kiter amongst us, my father :good: 

He's purchased his first buggy, a Zebra!  Just when you think you've seen it all someone comes up with a great new idea, the original owner modified the footpegs in a way I had never thought.  He used small mountain bike bar extensions/verticle grips attached to the straight footpeg then drilled a hole and mounted the heel strap.  For anyone else that has a Zebra and wondering, it's actually a really simple, non-destructive modification.







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So my father inspired by John Holgate's $30 backrest has decided to build one for Sandy Point, however he has started a little fancier ;) 
He's used these 25mm display rack clamps which he found online.  The tube in the pictures is just a test tube to show how they fit, i'm waiting for photos of the finished modification.  I followed John's method up above one year at Yeppoon and put a backrest on @roblukin's buggy back in 2013, from what I know I think it's still going sold on the back of his buggy.



PS: If anyone has a set of rims to sell shoot me a message in this thread http://www.extremekites.com.au/topic/16454-wanted-midi-wheels-rims/ :good:  


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1 hour ago, mezzararty said:

I think it did say "the word" however @jhn.holgate has been touching up photos with profanities. LOL

Geez, I had to look hard to see what everyone was talking about.  Nothing to see here, go about your business, folks.

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