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I've always stuck with Flexifoil pro link handles but my local supplier doesn't stock them anymore. So I've gone for PL allstar handles anyone used them? The're arriving tomorrow with new hq lines for my 3m.


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They look similar to all the pl handles I've used in the past with the addition of the finger protection sleeve on the top leader.  One failure that has happened on all of my sets is the handles are foam covered aluminum with plastic inserts where the leaders come out of the aluminum to protect from chaffing the leader on the sharp aluminum on the inside of the hole where the knot is tied.  The plastic insert breaks which will expose the leader to the sharp aluminum and will finally break.  Not sure if they were able to address that on these.  You can inspect occasionally by popping the cap and looking.

It still took many sessions to break them, but something to keep an eye on.

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@ssayre thanks for the "heads-up" will keep an eye on that. You would think at this stage of the sport that manufacturers had got the design right. Or do they make to fail to keep us buying. The only problem with my flexis was the rubber eventually wearing from use, which I can accept but failure where the lines are concerned is not good enough. Only time will tell.

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I'm sold on the "XXgrip" handles, as I'm not fond of the knotty junction behind conventional handles. They always snag at the wrong possible time when flying one handed/ only holding the one handle.

There is no leader wear on the XX's, due to the constrictor knot taking all the movement. It's Brilliant!!!

Shortly after I got my first set from Joel and got the strop length sorted out I was totally converted!!!! ;) Gone are the days and the pain to be always replacing frayed leaders where they exited the nylon inserts.

I loved the simplicity of the design. http://www.xxtreme.nl/xxproducts/xxgrips/

The constrictor knot can be a complete bitch to undo after it's been used for a while though, it tightens up unbelievably tight, (so don't fly for too long if it needs adjusting) so it's important to measure your strop length exactly so you can replicate the length when changing the top leader/strop line when they do eventually fray. I just cut them off the handles to replace the cord as they are done up so tight you only damage the cord further trying to get them undone.

 Because of this one single piece of line for leaders and strop, it also doesn't foul up or get snagged in your top lines at all. Also there is no handle protruding up above the top of your leaders to get caught up, if flying with only one handle.

The XXgrip's design of the knot recess in the solid top part of the alloy handle has one side milled away, so the cord within the knot remains flush all the way round each individual handle. A great move. The handles are flown with the knots inside or facing each other. 

Gone are the days and the pain to be always replacing frayed leaders where they exited the nylon inserts.

I've made alloy inserts on the lathe for all my Peter Lynn handles to convert them over to this system. For simplicity I now fly all my PL Vapor sizes on just the one size (450mm large) handles. This means now I only have to pack 2 sets of handles to take with me (1 set as a spare) This has been the only way I can get through a whole buggy meet (covering over a 1000kms) and not have to replace leaders, due to constant wear. The one set I constantly  use have now done over 4000kms and are now looking a little bit fluffy.

I have also modified my strop pulley over to take 2 x sealed stainless steel ball bearings, (made a new HDPE pulley) so it is now totally friction free. All the pulley blocks (250kg yachting) I had used to date couldn't cope with the continual load of the 13.4m2 Vapor and got squeaky/chattery after just a few hours of flying. With these 2x S608 2RS stainless steel bearings fitted into the new turned up pulley, they have done over 3500kms now without a hiccup or needing further lubrication. I packed them totally full of grease from new. 

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This was my original solution to the splitting grommets. I drilled out the Peter Lynn handles that had a brass eyelet to protect the grommet and deburred the hole first. I've never split one of these and they got a lot of use. I still use them on the brake leaders.

I used the black 6.74mm x 4.41 ID trickle irrigation tube and it's really tough material. (This is the stuff the mini sprays/misters screw into.)

All sizes can be made with a bit of practice by judging the depth to insert the centre punch. (sorry about the mixed metric and imperial measurements. My lathe is imperial with metric scales as well so my workshop uses both,,,, often at the same time. ;)


Don't worry about the transom knot.......... I use this when raft building with my students.

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Just updating this thread as I got a call to explain my mods.

 My mods done to the tops of all my Peter Lynn handles to convert them to the "xxtreme kite handle" method to attach the one piece of heavy dyneema as leaders/strop combination. This system certainly minimizes wear, as all the leader movement to the handles is achieved through a simple knot and not wearing as it exits through a plastic grommet. I have never had to replaced them since converting them.

They do take a bit of fiddling first up to get right, but when a strop length is achieved I copied the system onto all my other handles.

Note; Measurements in thousandths of an inch (as that is what my lathe is calibrated in.)


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  • Similar Content

    • By .Joel
      Flexifoil have created what could possibly be the best handle so far for quad line foils.  The new Flexifoil ProLink handles ship standard on the Blurr and are available seperately as well to put on your Blades / Rages / Bullets or any other brand of kite that operates on 4 line handles.  Flexifoil's attention to detail on these has been superb.  The idea behind the bolt through the top of the handle could possibly be an evolution of Sylenz's own "handle bullets" that he designed to suit the original Flexifoil handles, mounting a bolt / pin from the top.

      Grip & Feel
      The grip of the handles is very gel like, with a soft rubber that contours around your hand as more force / pressure is applied.  The handles are also very grippy, so your hands are not going to slide around them.  Flying a kite on the Flexifoil ProLink handles makes the kite itself feel a little smoother as the rubber is soft enough to take a little bit of the shock out as the kite is loaded up.  

      Strop Connection
      There is room at the back of the handle to loop your strop.  Simply pull out the pin from the top creating a gap, slide your strop in and push the pin back down.  When tightening the pin every few turns check that your strop is not being caught in the thread of the pin.  With the attachment for the strop designed this way it eliminates knots at the back of the handles which removes the hazard of the knots jamming in your pulley on a hard redirect.


      Pin Insertion
      The pin inside the handle is easily inserted or removed using a flat head screwdriver and accessing it from the top of the handle.  After using the handles a few times I noticed opening up the left handle the pin was noticeably looser then the handle on the right.  It may be worth putting a weak grade of nut lock / lock tight on the thread before you insert it to keep it firm.

      Benefits of the design
      One main benefit of the way Flexifoil have designed the new ProLink handle is how the power line leaders attach.  You can now easily replace your own leaders in your handles using either Flexifoil replacements or creating your own spliced leaders.  This is a real positive for people such as land boarders that attach 1m leaders to their handles to avoid wearing their lines on the edge of their landboards during grabs / tricks.  Something that started with Snowkiters and Kiteboarders wearing their lines on the edges of their boards.  You can now create your own leader, attach it and eliminate an unnecessary set of knots.  Buggiers are starting to use knotless leaders, you can now create a leader spliced at both ends, attach on end to your handle and loop the line on the other now removing all knots between your handles and the bridle of the kite.  Beneficial for those doing single handed moves and finding their lines catching on the knots coming off the handle leaders.

      Safety Loops
      There's a couple of loops on the back of the handle, personally when fastening a kite I tend to just loop the brakes lines around a peg in the ground.  However they are there to make it easier or attach safety devices such as kite killers.

      With user-servicable parts such as leader lines and the attachment of the strop this means the life of the handles is extended.  The way the handles are designed also makes them far stronger then the old handles, so longer life out of them.  My conclusion is that you will wear out the grips on these handles before you ever break them!  Flexifoil have really put their thinking caps on with the new ProLink handles and eliminated some of the key things that have been issues with handles such as knots both on the back of the handle, and the leader lines.
    • By .Joel
      Ozone have done well with these handles, yet they are another company that could have nailed it if they paid a bit more attention to detail. Right now I find the Ozone Pro handles for me to be the best tool for the job, but they are not “perfect.” Being a MK1 design of the handles, i’m hoping they revise and improve them.

      The appearance of the handles from a distance looks great. Close up however you can spot a few cosmetic imperfections. Not a biggie, but it would be nice if they applied as much effort into finishing these handles off like they do their bars on their depower foils.
      The strop that comes with them is the standard Ozone strop. I’ve been using them for a while, whilst you get a limited life span out of them in your pulley, they are a good length and I have never broken one to date.
      Leaders (Power Line and Brake Line)
      Alright, this is where they are “Pro” handles. This means they are designed to be setup with a minimum amount of adjustment at the handle end. This is to minimize knots and the potential of things catching. One thing that has driven me crazy in the past is having knots on the leader lines jam up, or catch on the lines from the other handle after looping the kite or flying single handed with a few twists in the lines. Ozone have done their best to minimize the effect of the knots at the handle end. The outcome of this however is that you now need to do your adjustment at the kite end of the lines. One you have your kite setup it’s a case of leave and forget. 
      Now here is my main concern. I heard from an individual that his concern was the leader lines looked like they could wear on the carbon. At first I thought it was dolly’s wash, however as it turns out it is quite a reality. A couple of people have mentioned slight wear and “squeaking” of the knot inside the handles. My handles after 15 sessions are just starting to show some signs of wear, so I have no doubt that it is possible and it is something to keep your eye on just before you start the session. They won’t wear out overnight.
      This is an area that has mixed feelings. Ozone released them with the intention for you to wear gloves when using them. They also put heavy consideration in to the racing scene, where the top pilots do not fly with their fingers over the top line. Personally I don’t like that, and would rather they have the finger chafe protectors supplied with them or built into their next revision, as most freestylers fly with their fingers over the top line.
      Apart from the leader line on occasion chewing your finger, the handles are damn comfortable. They are fairly hard, with the foam padding giving you just that little bit of comfort. I like my handles hard instead of coated in really soft absorbent material, as it gives me a more direct feel to the kite. Instead of it being “spongy” you can feel everything instantly.
      In the buggy they feel great. The feeling back from the handles is direct and not spongy, and the different sizing options let you match them well to your kite. One area would be nice, is if they made one of the handles all black, instead of the only difference being the red and black plugs at the top of the handles. This would make grabbing the correct handle after letting go a lot easier to accomplish without having to try to spot the colour on the top of the handle. Having the brake lines come straight out the bottom is also a nice change.
      Overall Conclusion
      My overall conclusion is that I find these to be the best tool for the job at the moment. However Ozone could have done better by including chafe protectors, ensuring the top leaders don’t wear, and general cosmetics on the finish. None of this will stop me using the handles, as this is a smaller price to pay then my handles snapping mid air above hard ground, where falling into water isn’t a luxury, and landing on hard ground is a check back to reality. Ozone have released a handle that has the potential to be perfect, it just needs a little refinement.

      This review was originally posted in our Community Forum, October 2007