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Pansh Blaze IIIs

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Pansh have released an update to the Blaze series with the Blaze IIIs except this time it's a full depower kite out of the bag with 5th line safety.


Blaze IIIs is a 5-line overall performance depower snow kite. It is a 26-cell kite with high aspect ratio. This is an excellent snow kite for professional and experienced flyers.  Blaze IIIs is the most polyfunctional and safe performance kite. It comes with the additional new internal safe release system and the entirely new unique magnetic blow-off valves. Blaze IIIs is an excellent kite for people who like to explore the extreme sports.


30+ more photos in the Gallery:

Kite Flatplan & Dimensions


More information: http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=386


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Shape reminds me of the old PKD Busters. Pity they don't upgrade the chicken loop on the bar to something with a pull away release.

I fail to see why an open cell needs magnetic blow off valves unless you are really abusing the kite.

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      4.0M Red (Pre-Production) $40 (SOLD)
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