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Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

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49 minutes ago, igeighty said:

Guys i found a very detailed account of the formation of the lakes and the history of kingston, it is a great read 


What do I need to open this?  My Nuance PDF reader won't read it and Word Pad wont open .doc files.  

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1 hour ago, .Joel said:

We are here, holy moly the amount of water on the Lakes surrounding the Wimmera Hwy.  Just unpacking and will do a quick run to the clay pan and take a look. 

Also just arrived and setting up in the caravan park. May see you out at the clay pan @.Joel

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@.Joel - passed you coming back. Pretty soggy surface don't you think at the clay pan? Stopped at the beach on my way back and that was much more promising. I reckon 18 plus knots on shore with not as much sea weed as last year. So hopefully good for some sessions till the claypan dries out. 

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So the main claypan right now is unusable, maybe the top 20% can be used with Midis or larger wheels. There's water about 50m in from the causeway, however I'm guessing most of the water has blown to the far corner. This is an issue of the wind turns and blows it back. 

The small claypan... well John will be making good use of his kayak :) 





Gave doug a tow to the small farm cafe up the road today...


And at some point @igeighty was busy showing @Chook something....



apperantly whatever it was he was displaying got the thumbs up...



doug on his rev


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Well not much wind today, but enough to bring all the water on the main lake back over. Here I am standing where I was on Saturday.



And today a heap of weed has appeared on the beach with the overnight tides. It's only for the few weeks that we come this beach is weed free each year, so for the locals this weed is nothing abnormal. :) 





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Land yachts should have fun, take off there wheels and they can use the water on the clay pan.



On 13/01/2017 at 2:28 PM, .Joel said:

I'm sorry, I was under the impression you lived in South Australia yet weren't even coming to Kingston? :upyours: 

No i was in Melbourne, but back in South Australia now. was going to go to sydney but can't be stuffed till later in the month.

Will be spending time with the family this year in Adelaide over Australia day, so hope you all have fun and keep safe and enjoy yourselves, and give joel heaps :-))



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We were out on the foreshore last night watching the lightning, then the rain came and whoah did it come!  Rained really heavy for about 2 hrs then consistently throughout the night.  This morning the wind is howling but unfortunately it's too south, so with the claypan out Chook has headed south on a reconnaissance mission to see what he can find.

John and I were talking this morning, he worked out from about 70 days at Kingston over the years he's only been unable to kite less than 5 of those. It shows how important the claypan is, as it makes everyday kiteable when it's dry.

We'll see where we end up today, time for breakfast @ Robe Bakery :upyours: 

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