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Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

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Not at all Chook :)

the sounds are from a compilation album called 'Las Vegas grind volume 5' it is all old burlesque music. I am yet to locate volumes 1 through 4.

hopefully not blocked by YouTube due to its obscurity.

the first track is by the nighthawks called chicken grabber and was used in a John waters film of dubious nature.

even though I took all the gopro's and cameras. It was the iPhone that got the use.

we had. A blast and would do it all again tomorrow. With all your company of course!

roll on 2018

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8 hours ago, SoutherlyBuster said:

iPhone most used, funny that the camera that is most acessible is the one most used. Loved the zany music @igeighty and Mezz . What happend with the derimmed tire? Too many slide outs?

The de-rimmed tire was @ChookS attempt to fly! And his proof that wearing a helmet is a must when participating in either buggying or land yachting. He travelled down the beach and from the top of the granites , all I saw was his entire buggy (including himself) get picked up, spun 360 degrees then end up upside down, hot wired into the buggy. It was a  miracle that he only bruised his thigh and had a stiff neck after witnessing that! 

How are you doing by the way @Chook


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Geez the thigh is fine now, but still got a very stiff neck after it took most of the landing load.

Chooks can fly... but are bloody useless at graceful landings.:blush2: 

I just got spanked. Didn't keep my eye on the ball. I was just beginning the downwind turn with the kite just heading down from the zenith and got nailed by a gust and deposited at the scene of the accident on my head and dragged along flipping back over onto my wheels again and coming to a stop. My lines were wrapped round the bug and hard to release (bar pulled in tight against/under the rails) for a few seconds till the kite deflated.

Popped one bead of both rear wheels off their rims, bent both 20mm stainless Hi-tensile axle bolts and bent one side of the rear axle where it's attached to the side rails. (It took ages with a damp handkerchief on a bit of fencing wire to clean the loose sand out both tyres and reseat them onto their rims in the driveway of the rental house we had with Joel.) With neat dishwashing detergent to get them to seat correctly and to get them to balance properly again. Anne my wife, got pretty good at blowing them up (with the valve core removed) while I positioned the beads. Had to do one side 3 times to get it seated accurately. This got the bug good enough for the rest of the Kingston meet and has now we are home, been fully repaired and axle pressed out straight again. 

Luckily I had all my 661 armour, shin guards and helmet on. 

Us old buggers just don't bounce like we used too.:blackeye:  


There just wasn't enough beach to fully try the "Kanga buggy" @andy666.

 @BobM took it for a run along the beach in really light winds and pushed it back.  Joel towed me on a ski rope behind his Ford Territory from our rental house, round to @bull31s on the bitumen and I wore the heels off my work boots trying to slow down for the corners. Bull is storing it there till next Kingston meet and I hope to give it a real go then.

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I crack tested them @andy and they were all good. :good:

I used CRC sprayed on and left for a while then wiped it all off carefully and then talc powder sprinkled all over, to see if I had any damp lines that indicated a crack.

Nice to see I had not done a number on them. The bolts bent between the wheel bearings and where they threaded into the axle in a gentle curve. 

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It did look nasty from the position of the bug and the drag marks. but hey mate, you know just like me, its the rush right before the crash that is the funnest :)

@Chook and I saw @.Joel 'become a plumbob' as chook put it. Joel was hot-wired and the R1 just picked up him and his beach racer'd GT buggy. He got quite a bit of air underneath him in a turn, as he shot off down the beach.

They are magnificent kites to watch, Andbut ill leave em to you blokes and stick with no hotwire fixed bridlles . You fellas make it look too easy.

Chook has helped me out a lot in my quest for speed. And i do mean 'A LOT'. and this was one of the first trips away that i didn't OBE :) I got my GT buggy up to 79.2 and sustained 70-75 flying a 2.7m Vapor, The handling at speed was better than when going slow, but i knew i could get yanked at any time if i let the kite get behind me.



kindve related,.

In '96 i got spanked by a 10m peel copy thing that a guy had brought up to byron from melbourne. I had been static flying my 6 meter on the beach when he asked if i wanted to fly his..  I slid and i jumped, it was awesome. i started showing off with summersault jumps.. Then Pow !! i got spanked onto the sand from a great height.  when i woke up the kite was in the tree, and id lost about 5 minutes.

The next day, i had my own map of jupiter on my hip.. HUGE purple, red, yellow, blue bruise. sore for weeks :).  serves me right..


hope you feeling better chook, clever man to check for cracks... i would never of thought to do that.

Also mate. your post above was the 30,000th for this section

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 5.31.08 pm.jpg

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