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Mi-Tu F-One 5'6" convertible

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Mi-TU Monteiro convertible 5’6” - 07/2016 (with KF box for hydrofoil) with footstraps - new, never been used - 20% off: AUD 1360 -  Reason for selling: family commitment -  Payment by cash or PayPal



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    • By .Joel
      F-One Diablo 12M Depower Race Foil
      + brand new spare speed system.
      I bought this in early January to have a play, build quality of the kite is full Gin/Paraglider standard super light weight and great for light wind.  Previous owner used it as part of the Hydrofoil Protour, there's no repairs/cuts/gashes to the sail.  Comes with a spare brand new replacement speed system.
      $700 (Kite Only)

    • By Stinka
      On 28th January we went to the Rangsdorfer lake just south of Berlin. We ha a couple of weeks temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. The ice was not perfect flat and black but still good enough for us 😂. Around 13cm thick ice. The wind was very low at 3-5 knots. Alfred used a 11m Vapor and 14m Yakuza, I used my 12m Diablo and 8m Diablo.
      Icebuggy is so nice ... love it !
      Are there any frozen lakes in AU or NZ?
      Warm regards from Germany
    • By socommk233
      Hey guys n gals.
      Here's a quick heads up on my latest purchase. 
      I'd been saving for some time with the intent of buying a competitive kite for the kite buggy racing. I bought it in time for the last race weekend of the series to see how it and I would hold up to the rest if the racers. I was impressed to say the least. 
      I'd already flown a 10m demo courtesy of ufo kite shop and I spent a whole day with it (got told off for kite hogging) then it spanked me good n proper, this was the "I have to have one" moment. On that weekend of the nobarriers event, I tried a few deposed kites. Aeros compi,  pkd inferno, ozone chrono to name a few. The diablo just seemed to have the punch and acceleration out of turns that the others lacked. 
      The  kite helped me secure a 0 point win overall in the open class. A 5th 6th 6th and 7th I believe (may be wrong) overall in the last 4 races, so you know the performance is there. 
      The quality is as you would expect...TOP OF THE LINE....and for the retail price you'd certainly hope so. 
      Bridles are super thin low drag. Speed system is a little more complicated with its turbo ring, making down wind a little easier than other kites. And the kite itself is super precisely manufactured. Deflation is via one velcro sock type arrangement which can be difficult. 
      In windy conditions the kite is folded in half and loosely rolled up. And when time and conditions allow (mostly at home indoors) I use a custom made concertina bag to store the kite in a way to protect the leading edge batons. 
      If your even tempted to buy one....just do it. You will not be disappointed.  
      However......... (isn't there always one)
      There appears to be a v2 on its way. No details but pics would suggest it's getting more cells, maybe lighter material and we know what that done to the r1v2 prices. 
      Fingers crossed for some good price second hand v1 diablos I say