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Yeppoon 2017

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7 hours ago, Mez said:

What are the set dates for Yeppoon 2018 fellas? - I can at least pencil them in and see what the year brings.

Easter is Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April 2018

I hope to be at the Commonwelth Games from  April for two weeks, so will have to give this a miss

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I've booked from the 29th March to the 26th of April and will fly out on the morning of 27th.

Had smooth air yesterday for the 3 flights and arrived in Esperance safely.

Lucky I had a mid morning flight as Rockhampton was fog bound and all flights were delayed till 10.15am. My 10.40am departure left on time to meet my 2 other connecting flights to be home at 10.00pm.

But..........................my baggage didn't. Virgin lost it somewhere along the way and I had to go out to the airport again at lunchtime today to collect it. The airport is 23kms out of town. Just glad to get the 7 kites and GoPro's back that the bag contained. (It was insured but the imposed limit wouldn't have covered the replacement costs)

Thanks everyone for the best wishes and catch some of you guys at Kingston SE next January or at Easter in Yeppoon.:good:


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@Chook Clive mentioned you got there a bit early yesterday when I went down to see him. :D Good thing you got there nice and early for your flight. PS. Wifi is right to go for next year.

Remember I was saying there was a number of crocs living in the river in Rockhampton. Guy posted a photo of this 5.5m beauty sunning itself on the banks of the Fitzroy river on Wednesday. Damn good reason to stay out of the flood waters around here in future :eek:

Rocky Croc 5.5.jpg


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