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New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

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I'm planning on heading over to Dingley after lunch today if anyone's local.

BTW I got our on the buggy last weekend in that insane Northerly wind. Had a 3.8 up and it was like riding a bronco. I learned a lot about recovering a luffing kite as the wind range was 5-40 knots oscillating minute by minute. Today's forecast to be much lighter but still strong (25knots). Awesome fun!

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56 minutes ago, Darren Tibbey said:

What the actual name of the park in Dingley that you have been flying at?

Weather pending Jo and l and planning a fly Sunday arvo.

I dont know if it has an official name. At least I cant find one. But if you enter "226 Spring Rd, Dingley Village VIC 3172" into Google Maps or Navi that will get you to the right spot.

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