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Ocean Rodeo new Rapid Deflate System?

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Looks like the guys at Ocean Rodeo are doing a bit more R&D on the "Safety" side of things looking at ways to completely depower a kite in an emergency.


A massive de-powering system for a kite wing used in kite boarding comprises a deflation control line that connects to a valve on the kite wing's leading edge bladder. In the preferred embodiment, disengaging the tether line from the harness causes the deflation control line to tension and to open the valve, thereby deflating the bladder. Tension along the deflation control line may also act to draw in spaced portions of the wing thereby collapsing it and further reducing the power generated by the wing.


More Info: https://www.google.com.au/patents/WO2013142949A1

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1 hour ago, Guillaume Booissonneault said:

very nice for the safety but it is suitable for self rescue in a ocean ?

I wouldn't think so, however considering a lot of people kite mostly onshore winds within a couple of hundred meters of the beach I'd guess if you did release you could bundle it up and use the air in the struts to float possibly.

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