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'vintage' snowkiting pics and video

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Thought I'd upload some old kiteskiing pics from 2001 and 2003. The earlier ones are with skis and handles, yet I determined that bars and snowboards made much more sense. Kites were PL 5.7 Waterfoil (very early days) and PL 1120 ARC (way ahead of its time). 

I have some accompanying video though I need to wait a week for Vimeo to reset my quota (free account :-) ).

Snowkiting is amazing, and Australia is the perfect place for it (undulating hills). From Scotts chair out to Mt McKay is my favorite spot. Close enough to be rescued (if needs be) yet far enough to enjoy the silence!








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Some awsome photos there @DrWind!  I used to have a small Arc630, that was both great as a kite and as a rain blanket when it started pouring :D 

Take a look here at some older kites, two of which you mentioned I managed to come across a couple of months back ( http://www.extremekites.com.au/blogs/entry/259-my-latest-mystery-box/ ).



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Thanks for the great old pics!

I started out on a PL ARC 840 in 2003. Terrifying. 13 years ago now, been exploring the mountains with a kite every season since and never looked back.
Australia's season may be short and the access not always easy but it has great mountains for snowkiting.

Here are some pics from the summit ridges of Feathertop and Bogong a couple of weeks ago:

..and top of Kos in the mid noughties:

..and an early season vid from last year:


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Cool to see the lift running through what is now snowkite territory. 

Looks like there was also a lift running up the Y's? is that correct? geez it must have been steep.

I was up at Falls creek at the start of the month, the day after the skifield closed they had 40cm dump.

Was fun, cant wait for next winter already!

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