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Kite foil

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Hey hey peeps. Think this needs an update.


So.......after 2 failed attempts last year and only getting back to it 3ish weeks ago here's the progress.......




Well, the foil works....really well. It's not fast but it's pretty stable and I have been able to learn on it. It has a steady stall and you feel it before it lets go at very low speeds. It's lack of sharp edges means so far only bruising but no cuts on impact. But it also sings but I've seen production ones do that too. 

Overall I am really happy with it. It owes me £200 and is strong sturdy and stiff enough for the job. 


Imo the best way to learn foiling is on your own build. 

This has had another effect.......mk2 is now in the making. Slimmer, sharper, adjustable, interchangeable wings and hopefully faster. We shall see. 



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Looking good. Both on the board and the new build. 

My one bit of advice is put the rear stab on the top of the fuse. That way the water force is pushing the stab into the fuse rather than trying to tear it off. 


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