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7 minutes ago, .Joel said:

I reckon you should sell your Sonic-FR and stick with your vapors

yep, the thought did cross my mind, how many vapors could i get for a grand... but the answer is 1 and 1/2 soooo....

to quell further ridicule, i will be flying this Sonic before i get sunburnt this kingston, which usually means the second day ;)

like upwind turns before it, the sonic shall be tamed and mastered or i will be ridiculed justly.




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The performance is greater than a Vapor 1 by a small amount, but getting the best out of them requires much more pilot input and skill.

In the right hands they are very quick but will frustrate someone with less experience. I loved my Vapor 1's but when i tried the 2's they were just awkward to fly.


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