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 Sail into the wind at either 2oclock or 10oclock positions - this way you get the best fill of the sail. Tails Tails on your sail will also help - when they fly straight across the sail, your in the apparent wind. (Personally I sail from the feel of the wind and am still quiet a novice with only nearly 2 years) If the wind is there, let the sail out, and pull in the sheet when she catches. Remember sailing into the wind straight will not fill out the sail, you need those 2 and 10 positions to be luft. Straight into the wind is your brake. 

Chook used to tell me to think of the sail like the wing of a plane - and I found that a helpful tip. The wind needs to travel across the mast to luft out the sail and straighten the batterens. 

Youll get the hang of it - just keep having a go.

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I am slowly getting the hang of this sailing lark.

I have had 4 or 5 really good beach sessions.

I changed the windsurf boom for a more standard sailing boom

made from a half of a carbon mast that i had , this seems to work a lot better.

I also got some new sails , i think it was chook who commented that a fuller sail gives more low down grunt but less speed

and a flatter sail more top speed.Well the sails i got are fuller and no cam batons and for the beach i use they seem to work great.

I wont win any races but the sails allow me to have fun when the flatter sails would struggle to get me going (my beach is not as flat,smooth or warm as the ones you have in oz , but again make do with what you have.

I have all my gear stored at a friends 20mtrs from the beach , all set up ready to go , just drop the sail on and happy days.

I find the land yachting a lot more relaxing than kiting , although i am now static flying way more than i ever had and enjoying it .

I just wish i could get some decent video footage , my head cam seems to end up like a nodding dog ( sky , ground,sky,ground )

and my boom cam always seems to be in the wrong position ,but i will keep trying..


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Well done with your journey. the fact you have this thing setup right on the beach, i am sure you will get stuck in more through the swing and summer.

I have only had a few rides in @Mez's blokart. it is almost more relaxing than the buggy and thats on 2 wheels :)

She has two branded sails, and a home made one.

The branded sails are pretty full, and very forgiving. They can get going in not much wind at all/

The home made one is tight as a drum :) with almost no belly. It is a small sail, that was cut down from a windsurfer sail. It takes a bit of wind to get this sail going. Starting out is pretty difficult. However when it does get going, it really goes. It looks a bit like patchwork, but its a rocket.







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On 30/03/2017 at 6:32 AM, lasrocas said:

Even at low tide there is still a fair amount of water on the beach and I usually end up in it 😁

Must be a land yacht thing - bought my new water proofs the other week. Stingray holes are invisible when you sit so low down.

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We dont have stingray holes but we do have something that could really hurt.

Literally a mile down the beach from were i sail there is an airforce firing range.

Its quite common to find spent shells on the beach and the authorities patrol the beach after each session for the ones that did not go BANG !!!!

RAF Cowden. east yorkshire , i sail at Mappleton just the other side of the big craters LOL




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Hi ,

I am looking for solutions for mudguards on the rear of my land yacht/buggy.

the beach i use tends to stay fairly wet even at low tide so there is a fair bit of spray flying around.

my initial idea was to use trailer mudguards or some kind of mud flap like on trucks.

any ideas let me know.

the mudguard/flap is not that difficult,its how to mount them that may be the problem.

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Could you devise a "pod" for the buggy? Blokart's have aerodynamically designed a "pod" which also helps pretty well with the "keeping" dry requirement. 

Here's one on my blokart (borrowed) 

I guess you'd have to make the back side's slightly higher, but not high enough so that it would effect your arms. 


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