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Do you carry a kite in your car, just incase?

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I usually carry a smaller foil in my cars, either my 1.5M or 2.5M HQ alpha. (I would also like to get a small-medium single skin kite to also carry with me.) I hope for high wind days after work and hope that nothing else comes up so I can get out and fly for a little bit.  

I am wondering how many of us carry a kites randomly in our cars, just in case?  If you do, what style, brand or size do you carry.  Do you carry stunt kites, foils, single skins, lei's?  How often are you able to take advantage of this?


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Sorry to dig this up, but just had to add. I have a 1.2m sting and a 6m Ozone Little devil in there atm, JUST in case. Somnetime i have a 3m kite as well. In the work truck i usually have a single line foil just because i can.

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