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Movies For 2017

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do we have a movie thread ?

What movies are you looking forward to this year. ? 

How far has CGI come, when it is hard to tell VFX from actual objects.

I Have followed 'Ghost in the shell' as animated saga of films and shorts. Now it is being made into a feature film.


I'm looking forward to this and the new aliens movie :)


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I'm looking forward to Ghost too.  I hope it's a bit clearer than Under the Skin was.  I must have had the biggest frown on my face while watching that movie...the whole thing was like...WTF?......WTF??.....

Enjoyed Rogue one, Passengers and Assassins Creed recently - none were particularly outstanding but pretty good viewing none the less.

Will be going to see The great wall and Justice League.  SKull island looks interesting.  And a new Aliens....although the previews for that aren't terribly convincing.

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